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(founders, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, business owners, service providers...)

Break through the £2-3k per month plateau and attract high-paying clients that are perfectly aligned with your business every single week

(without working more hours, using unethical marketing or selling out your values)

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What if I told you that you could earn 6k per month, work less than 20 hours per week and consistently onboard your ideal clients…all while only doing work tasks you enjoy

(limited places available)

I have worked with founders and leaders in some of the world’s top companies:

Are you ready to create a 6k per month business without sleazy sales tactics?

I’ll take you through my proven approach to sales, marketing, and business development that built my business to 10k months in less than 1 year (without scammy marketing or soul-crushing sales).

I’ve worked with 180+ of the world’s top CEOs, entrepreneurs and founders over the last 8 years…and I’m giving you their secret business growth tactics.

You're in the right place if...


👉 You’re stuck on £2-3k per month and fed up of worrying about your finances

👉 You’re sick of spending hours on marketing and sales that crushes your soul for crappy results

👉 Your income feels like a feast/famine rollercoaster that causes mental stress and frustration

👉 You feel like you’re working all the time but making very little progress

👉 You’ve got loads of great ideas but keep procrastinating and avoiding tasks that move the needle

👉 You’re tired of listening to gurus online telling you what to do but you can’t stick to any of the advice

👉 Want to stop letting yourself, family, and friends down and start providing the life everyone deserves

I know what you're going through...

😫 You’ve consumed hours of content from gurus online but haven’t implemented any of it successfully

😫 It feels like there’s 1000’s of other people online offering the same service as you, and you have no idea how to get noticed in this oversaturated market.

😫 Everyone keeps telling you to post on all the social media platforms. You’ve wasted hours making content that didn’t convert into clients.

😫 Friends and family are starting to wonder when you’re going to quit and get a ‘real job’ with a ‘stable income’

😫 You know you’re capable of delivering amazing value for your clients but nobody is willing to give you a chance. If only they knew what you could do for them?! So frustrating

😫 You keep jumping from strategy to strategy trying to find clients but nothing ever works

😫 You feel so tired trying to run this whole business by yourself and it feels like nobody understands what you’re going through or can offer any real support/help

I made this program because I was exactly where you are now and I developed a framework to attract high-paying clients and build a successful company, all without working insane hours or implementing miserable marketing tactics…

Matt Schaefer
Matt Schaefer

App Developer

As someone in the process of building my app startup, James has been a game changer. If you're someone trying to start a business and really need some guidance, James is THE MAN. The value he delivers for the price is absolutely incredible.

Alex Prothmann
Alex Prothmann

Company Director

Absolutely fantastic service I received from James. I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect having it been the first time ever doing something like this. I the progress I’ve made in just the short time we’ve worked together is amazing and am looking forward to continuing on this journey with James

Asha Downes
Asha Downes

Influencer & Entrepreneur

James is a highly skilled coach. He's helped me address imposter syndrome, challenges with clients, social media content blocks, and other issues that, if left unaddressed, would lead to problems. It feels great to have him in my corner.

Do you want to create a business that...


👍 Consistently brings in your ideal clients…without having to send salesy messages or desperate DMs

👍 Consistently brings in your ideal clients…without having to send salesy messages or desperate DMs

👍 Regularly generates 10k months 

👍 Gives you loads of time to spend with friends and family, because you’re focused on needle-moving activities and not busy work

👍 Allows you to focus on doing tasks that bring you joy and grow the business at the same time

👍 Has a clear productivity system in place so you get work done 12x faster…meaning more time for things you enjoy!

👍 Clear goals that are based on your version of success, with an action plan to get there – making success a formality

👍 Exceptional marketing materials that speak to your ideal clients and make conversions inevitable

You will build a cash-flowing business with a wealth of perfectly aligned clients. No 60 hour weeks, no scams, no sleazy sales tactics, no crazy todo lists.

Here's what Chris had to say...

Here's what Chris had to say...

Chris is a talented founder but lacked direction with his business and needed direction on how to take his personal brand to the next level. He lacked clarity and was fed up with cookie-cutter advice. 

After working together by creating a strategic plan and doing business analysis, we uncovered the reason things had stagnated. Chris totally redesigned his personal branding and marketing strategy and now he’s growing a company he’s proud to own.

Not only that, but Chris has found a new level of productivity through prioritising high-impact tasks and delegating busy work. Working less and growing more – that’s the big win.

Hi, I’m James King 👋

I’m a business coach with over a decade of experience helping solopreneurs, freelancers, and business owners build 10k month businesses without excessive work and stress.

But I’ll hold my hands up, I wasn’t always financially wealthy…

In fact, I left school at the age of 16 with zero qualifications to persue a life in business.

I was intelligent and had loads of good ideas…but lacked the commnunity, mentorship, and coaching I needed to find instant success.

This led to me spending years (and £££s) learning the ropes of how to build a business – while making a sh*t load of mistakes along the way.

I know what it’s like to struggle. I get it.

But through this (painful) journey – I learned the secrets of how to sell, market, delegate, and scale – leading me to build 2x £10k per month businesses in 2 different niches.

After finally mastering the skills of business – I’ve applied myself to helping people like you avoid the mistakes I made.

I have since gained ICF business coaching certification and worked with CEOs, executives and talented founders from top companies…and I will give everything I know to you.

Leanne Springer
Leanne Springer

Small Business Owner

James is engaging, deeply curious, intuitive and an excellent listener. I have found him to be very insightful in all our coaching conversations. As a small business owner, I have found working with James to be an integral and enjoyable component of my professional and business development.

Dion Rozema
Dion Rozema


James is amazing! I really enjoy working with him. My business has reached new levels. James is very knowledgeable and a true listener. He tells you what you need to hear, not only what you want to hear. I hope to keep working with him for a long time.

Chris Leow
Chris Leow


It's been a pleasure working with James. He helped me unpack some of the blockages that caused me to be stuck in my business by working through and figuring out action steps together. I have experienced really meaningful growth thanks to James.

Early Bird Pricing Ends In...


Warning, I can only take on a very limited number of applicants for each cohort. This allows me to give each client the 100% attention they need.

If you’re interested in getting started, act now.

Otherwise, you can join our waiting list and put your journey to 10k months on hold.

The 5 Pillar Program That Builds Your Business

Pillar 1:

Live Weekly Training Sessions 

Learn the secrets to successful marketing and sales that built 10k businesses for me and 100’s of clients.

Pillar 2:

Live Weekly Coaching Sessions

Join weekly group coaching calls to get nuanced advice and solve issues within your business.

Pillar 3:

Daily Progress Check-Ins

Group accountability check-ins keep you on track and ensure you make progress on every target.

Pillar 4:

A Community of Business Owners

Access to a community of business owners on a mission to keep scaling their business.

Pillar 5:

Remote Co-Working Sessions

Boost productivity and get needle-moving tasks done during our team co-working sessions.

Weekly Training Module Breakdown

Book a call to find out when the next cohort starts
(limited places available)

Week 0
Define Your Goals
Before you even start, start building your dream with a business strategy template and a pre-recorded module giving you goal-setting strategies that make success inevitable.

Week 1
Strategic Business Planning
Goals are one thing, but planning takes your business to another level. Learn how to create a roadmap that ACTUALLY gets followed.

Week 2
Productivity Mastery
Learn the system of prioritisation and productivity that makes every minute of your day productive and high-impact. Prepare for rapid progress.

Week 3
Market Analysis & Positioning
Learn how to position your product effectively so you can earn £££ – even in the most crowded markets.

Week 4
Building a Scalable Business Model
Scalability is your secret to earning sh*t loads of money on autopilot. Learn how to create and delegate effectively to save 20+ hours per week.

Week 5
Marketing Materials That Convert
Learn the secrets to building high-converting landing pages, sales letters, and social profiles that effortlessly attract your ideal client.

Week 6
Sales & Marketing Strategies
Learn proven methods of finding and onboarding the perfect clients for your business – without spending hours on sales tactics you hate or compromising your values.

Week 7
Effective Conversion Calls
Discover the secret formula that helped me convert 83% of my booked sales calls over the last 24 months.

Week 8
Financial Management & Growth
Learn how to build wealth in your business, invest in opportunities and put money in your pocket – without paying cash-sucking accountants.

Week 9
Automation & Delegation
Implement a unique framework to identify, systematise and delegate tasks. This is where your business starts to 10x.

Week 10
Social Media That Sells
You’ve been told you need 50k followers to build a business – but that’s BS. Learn how I use social media to onboard new clients with 1,000 followers.

Week 11
Building a Wealthy Life
Learn the lifestyle habits that drive a successful company without compromising your health and relationships.

Week 12
Levelling Up
Putting the whole program together into a concrete framework that delivers ultimate success in every aspect of life – for the rest of your life.

EARLY BIRD BONUS: Complete Business Review

To celebrate your commitment, I am giving away a complete business review for FREE to you for signing up for the next cohort in advance. As part of the review, you will get:

💰 1 hour business consultancy session (1:1) to create a strategic plan and identify immediate roadblocks (value: $150)

💰 Screenshare analysis of all your marketing content – and advice on how to improve (value: $100)

💰 Completed strategic plan plan with goals, action items and KPIs (value: $50)

Total Value: $̶3̶0̶0̶

Get this bonus for FREE if you sign up within the next…


(only valid for the first 5 signups – don’t miss your chance)

So if you are ready to join a community of talented business owners, build a strategy that brings in your dream clients AND spend more time doing things you enjoy, all without burning out…click the button below to book a call.

(limited availability)

What You Will Learn During The Call:

👍 Uncover the biggest obstacles stopping your business from flourishing (the things you didn’t realise you didn’t know!) – and how to resolve them

👍 Clear actions that will accelerate your business growth – which you can start implementing immediately

👍 Clear goals and KPIs for you to work towards – based on objective feedback from an experienced/certified business coach

I’m Looking Forward to Our Call!

👉 Come prepared with a rough idea of your goals, biggest challenges, and important issues to gain clarity around

👉 Make sure you’re in a quiet place with a reliable wifi connection

👉 You will get the most value from the call if you arrive as your most organic, open, honest self

👉 You will make massive progress – but this will also be fun! Arrive with a smile if possible

👉 Choose a day and time that you can 100% make because I do not allow reschedules

I want you to feel 100% secure in your investment, so I also offer a…

14 Day Personal Guarantee

I am 100% confident you will take an immediate quantum leap in your business that will lead to a wealthy and fulfilling life.

Growth in business takes time, but my program offers immediate results.

But if for any reason you feel like the program doesn’t 100% deliver, I’ll refund your investment. No questions asked.

Peter Song
Peter Song

Business Owner

James is an excellent coach. We had several breakthroughs and my life has literally turned around. I like his style because he helps me realize the answers to my problems and gives me an action plan on how to fix them

AJ Miller
AJ Miller


James has helped me discover the “why” and “what” behind all the things I wanted to accomplish and help me stick to clearly defined goals. If you’re looking at this review, you obviously want more out of your life. I’m telling you, this is the guy to help you.

Kasper Karup
Kasper Karup


James helped me see things more clearly and put together some pieces of my life that were in a mess. I have a much more clear path forward now, and I know what I want to do next. James is a great listener, and always seems to be able to give clarity and say the right thing to make it all come together


Who, specifically, is this program for?

Anybody who wants to bring on their ideal clients, scale a successful business, and join a community of ambitious entrepreneurs.

Why do I need help building a successful business?

The internet is full of ‘gurus’ telling you what to do, but that advice is not tailored to your unique goals, situation, and lifestyle. Throughout this program, you will get specific, actionable advice that brings in clients and builds your business. You can’t do it all on your own, and now you don’t have to!

Why should I listen to you? And who are you anyway?

My name is James King, a board certified ICF business coaching professional. I spent multiple years working for an executive consulting company where I coached many of the world’s top CEOs. I then rapidly scaled a successful affiliate marketing website from the ground up (doing 5k/month in personal profit after only 7 months). I also built Coaching Movement Limited, which has helped 160+ entrepreneurs build successful companies of their own.

How long will it take to start seeing results?

I can be confident that you will make significant steps forward in the first weeks, if you take the program seriously and take action on the tasks set out. After the 12 week program, your business will be completely transformed.

How does the program work?

The Elevate & Dominate Program is a 12-week transformational course. You will join a group of successful business owners with the same goal – to increase client intake, scale a business, and build a great work/life balance. There will be live weekly training sessions, group coaching sessions, community chat support, weekly co-working sessions, and your own project management system. This is the ultimate transformational 12-week program for business development.

What do I do if I want to join the program?

Hit the ‘Book Your Free Call’ button below for a free 30-minute walkthrough call to learn more about the program and determine if you are the right fit for this group (no obligation).

I have other questions. Can you help?


Reach out on LinkedIn, or email (james [at] thecoaching movement [dot] com) and I’ll get back to you personally as soon as I can.

(limited availability)

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