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It's time to get mentally jacked

It's time to get mentally jacked

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James is an incredible coach. Two months ago I was in a much worse place, with near zero drive and motivation to pursue my entrepreneurial ventures. Yesterday, I officially joined an exciting startup, getting paid twice what I used to. Several life-changing sessions with James transformed me into the highest version of myself.

Ty Fiero, SaaS Entrepreneur

Dear friend,

If you want to crush your goals in life and business, I have the solution for you.

Here’s the deal:

It’s never been more difficult to be consistent. The world is full of temptations that, when consumed in excess, lead to disastrous consequences.

Don’t believe me?

Then answer me this, how many of these things are killing your chances of success:

👉 Waking up late

👉 Avoiding hard tasks

👉 Eating too much crap 

👉 Social media scrolling

👉 Inconsistent workouts

👉 Terrible attention span


Most people continue down this road forever. So it’s become known as ‘normal life’.

But normal is the enemy.

Here’s what normal looks like in 2024:

👉 Hate your job 

👉  Overweight or obese

👉 Less than $5,000 saved

👉 Living paycheck to paycheck 

👉 Often feel anxious or depressed

When you read this, one thing becomes evident:

If you want to become mentally, physically, and financially wealthy in 2024, you can’t afford to play the same game as everyone else.

To explain how I can help you, let me tell you how I went from being out-of-shape, broke, and anxious to being mentally jacked and owning a six-figure business.


Matt Schaefer
Matt Schaefer

App Developer

As someone in the process of building my app startup, James has been a game changer. If you're someone trying to start a business and really need some guidance, James is THE MAN. The value he delivers for the price is absolutely incredible.

Alex Prothmann
Alex Prothmann

Company Director

Absolutely fantastic service I received from James. I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect having it been the first time ever doing something like this. I the progress I’ve made in just the short time we’ve worked together is amazing and am looking forward to continuing on this journey with James

Asha Downes
Asha Downes

Influencer & Entrepreneur

James is a highly skilled coach. He's helped me address imposter syndrome, challenges with clients, social media content blocks, and other issues that, if left unaddressed, would lead to problems. It feels great to have him in my corner.

I have worked with founders and leaders in some of the world’s top companies:

Is your success destroyed by a lack of discipline?

Is your success being destroyed by a lack of discipline?


I don’t want to waste your time — the next 5 minutes are worth reading if:

👉 You view average as the enemy and want to achieve excellence in life and business

👉 You’re sick of being in financial prison and want to achieve £15k monthly income

👉 You hate feeling lazy and want to crush your goals every day without compromise

👉 You want to implement winning habits that make success inevitable

👉 You want to do the sh*t you say you’re going to do. Without compromise.

👉 You want to build an unbreakable mindset that is immune to negativity.

👉 You’re ready to stop compromising on your goals and level up every aspect of your life.

👉 You refuse to waste your life and will do whatever it takes to achieve greatness


If any of those points feel right, you’re in good company.

Over the past five years, I’ve worked with many clients voicing the same frustrations.

Like you, they want to build a business and become exceptional human beings but have been frustrated with the results.

Especially recently.

Social media is saturated with ‘educational’ content telling you how to build a million-dollar business and get a six-pack with almost zero effort.

What’s more, these people post pictures of fast cars, fancy dinners and expensive vacations to make you feel like crap.

You’re told to follow fad diets, implement business hacks and ‘put in the reps.’

But if the answer were this simple, you wouldn’t be reading this now.

Becoming physically and financially free isn’t easy, but you can dominate in life and business with the right system in place.

You only get one life. Being average is unacceptable when you’re capable of so much more. It’s time to stop listening to them and start investing in yourself.

What you need is a strategy to cut through the crap.

What they're doing that you're not

What they're doing that you're not


There’s a common trend in people who achieve physical and financial excellence (not fake gurus, but people building real companies):

They are consistent.

Consistency forces you to improve every day. It’s the driver of becoming exceptional in life and business.

It’s the foundation of everything:

👉 Fitness

👉 Relationships

👉 Business growth

👉 Financial success

👉 Audience building

Slow business growth, lack of money, poor relationships, low fitness, and no community all improve when you consistently execute a strategy.

What’s more, consistent people build mental strength, which is the cornerstone of being rich and successful.

But many think they’re not ‘gifted’ enough to become ruthlessly successful.

This is wrong. I’m certainly not. Neither are my clients. They’re ‘normal’ entrepreneurs, founders, and business owners who want to build a kick-ass life and business.

I tell them what I’m about to tell you:

Being successful is not about finding an ‘easy hack’ or ‘simple habit.’

It’s about how well you can create, execute, and focus on a plan.

People trip up because they don’t have any support in creating and sticking to a plan long-term.

And now, many think they just need to watch another TikTok video to find the answer.

They don’t realise that success in life and business is about creating systems that make consistency non-negotiable.

Which is where I’d like to help you.

Leanne Springer
Leanne Springer

Small Business Owner

James is engaging, deeply curious, intuitive and an excellent listener. I have found him to be very insightful in all our coaching conversations. As a small business owner, I have found working with James to be an integral and enjoyable component of my professional and business development.

Dion Rozema
Dion Rozema


James is amazing! I really enjoy working with him. My business has reached new levels. James is very knowledgeable and a true listener. He tells you what you need to hear, not only what you want to hear. I hope to keep working with him for a long time.

Chris Leow
Chris Leow


It's been a pleasure working with James. He helped me unpack some of the blockages that caused me to be stuck in my business by working through and figuring out action steps together. I have experienced really meaningful growth thanks to James.


The Power Player System

The Power Player System

Power Player is a 1:1, personalised program with one goal:

To make you a rich and successful business owner through ruthless planning, productivity, and consistency.

It’s designed for the busy entrepreneur — a zero-fluff, easy-to-execute, actionable system.

How it works

How it works

Pillar 1:

Strategic Planning 

The secret to success is identifying the highest-impact tasks that take the least effort. Then building an action plan around them

Pillar 2:

Magic Scheduling

Learn how to schedule your time for insane productivity…and actually stick to it.

Pillar 3:

Roadblock Elimination

Procrastination is a business killer. Find and address the mental and physical challenges holding you back.

Pillar 4:

Powerful Todo Listing

Ditch the old scrap of paper. Know exactly what needs to be done to make maximum progress, every minute of the day.

Pillar 5:

Tailored Advice

If you’re like me, you never know what problems will arise on any given day. You’ll get answers to questions, motivation, and accountability immediately.

The Power Player system keeps you moving towards your goals, making success inevitable regardless of your challenges.

Here’s a quick video explaining it works:

And here’s a breakdown of the system:

Pillar 1:

Create and execute a strategic plan

Most people don’t have a plan. Even when they do, they can’t stick to it. You’ll partner with me to create a strategic plan with actionable stepping stones to your goals.

You’ll have:

👉 An exact roadmap directing you towards your dream life.

👉 Actionable tasks with deadlines that keep you moving forward

👉 Clarity on which actions deliver 80% of the success (with 20% of the effort)

👉 A clear timeline of when you will achieve each goal

👉 Loads of mini-wins along the way that keep you motivated

James is a great coach! Very knowledgeable and a great listener. I really enjoy working with James, he's been very supportive and thanks to him I was able to achieve my business goals. Highly recommended.
Jad Freiha
Agency Owner

Pillar 2:

Implement a magic schedule that saves 20+ hours per week

Most people know they need to plan and schedule. Few execute this effectively. You’ll learn how to create and follow a winning schedule that crushes your goals without wasting time.

You’ll be:

👉 Building wealth and success while working fewer hours

👉 Knocking out high-impact tasks without procrastinating

👉 Focussed while you’re working without exception

👉 Do more work in 5 hours than most entrepreneurs do in 5 days

👉 Know exactly what to do at all times (goodbye procrastination)

James is a great coach. He guides you to come up with your own decisions with really clever questions. Before the sessions, I was feeling quite anxious about my business and with every passing week, I feel more clarity and confidence. Thank you, James!
Fabi Lara
Entrepreneur & Influencer

Pillar 3:

Instantly overcome barriers to success

Effective coaching sessions that immediately address mental barriers holding you back. Once these blocks are removed, you will become effortlessly disciplined.

You’ll have:

👉 Resolved the issues that drain your mental energy and focus

👉 Cultivated a strong mindset that gets sh*t done

👉 Become self-disciplined enough to do hard things WITHOUT compromise

👉 Started to see failures as lessons that drive progress

👉 Learned how to make impactful decisions that catapult your life and business

James is an excellent coach and I can't recommend him highly enough. He created an environment where I felt heard and understood. His guidance provided me with a crystal-clear roadmap on what steps I needed to take to achieve my desired goals.
Nigel Carlos
Agency Owner

Pillar 4:

Effective todo lists that build wealth at lightning speed

Stop trying to follow a scrap of paper todo list with tasks that never get completed. Learn how to implement a todo listing framework that makes business growth non-negotiable.

👉 Identify and action high-impact tasks that build massive wealth in minimal time

👉 Learn strategic task segmentation that destroys overwhelm

👉 Time allocation techniques that guarantee you crush every task without burnout

👉 Flexible todo lists that allow for emergencies without compromising on your goals

👉 Consistently implement any habit into your life without struggle

I couldn’t recommend James enough. He did an amazing job helping me to get clarity on my goals, passions and future desires. I’ve already recommended him to friends and will continue doing so as I find his support invaluable.
Adam Edwards
Business Owner

Pillar 5:

Tailored advice that instantly removes barriers to success

Unexpected stuff happens in life and business every day. But with my unwavering support, you will never get thrown off track again.

You will:

👉 Get support in resolving any life or business issues immediately so you never get stuck

👉 Receive daily accountability messages that keep you focused on the most important tasks

👉 Get nuanced advice that drives your goals forward each day

👉 Instantly get objective feedback on key decisions so you get them right every time

👉 Receive reminders about key tasks so you never miss a money-making opportunity

James is a joy to talk to, gives solid advice, and asks clarifying questions that allowed me to hone in on what I really want in business and stay motivated in doing so. I would 300% recommend working with James as it is an investment in yourself and your future!
Lee Ann Delarosa


Now you probably have 2 questions. 

  1. Why listen to me? 
  2. Will my advice work for you? 

Let me introduce myself

Hi, I’m James King 👋

I’ll hold my hands up:

I wasn’t always physically and financially wealthy.

In fact, I left school at the age of 16 with zero qualifications.

I was intelligent and had loads of good ideas. But never had discipline, consistency, or focus.

I stumbled through a decade of inconsistent business, exercise, diet, and lifestyle habits. Because of this, I was always frustrated by my lack of achievement (and lack of money).

I read every self-help book. Consumed every piece of David Goggins’ content. But nothing stuck.

I know what it’s like to struggle.

I’ve been through the pain of setting goals but not following through. Making promises I cannot keep. Trying to build a business but failing every time.

To put it plainly:

I get it.

Not ‘oh don’t worry it gets easier’. But I actually get it. I know that building a business is hard and life is overwhelming.

And I know I can help you crush it.

Peter Song
Peter Song

Business Owner

James is an excellent coach. We had several breakthroughs and my life has literally turned around. I like his style because he helps me realize the answers to my problems and gives me an action plan on how to fix them

AJ Miller
AJ Miller


James has helped me discover the “why” and “what” behind all the things I wanted to accomplish and help me stick to clearly defined goals. If you’re looking at this review, you obviously want more out of your life. I’m telling you, this is the guy to help you.

Kasper Karup
Kasper Karup


James helped me see things more clearly and put together some pieces of my life that were in a mess. I have a much more clear path forward now, and I know what I want to do next. James is a great listener, and always seems to be able to give clarity and say the right thing to make it all come together

How Power Player will help you​

How Power Player will help you

I was determined to stop being a piece of sh*t.

In 2015, I pieced together a system that forced me to be disciplined.

It included:



👉 Mindset work

👉 Manifestation

👉 Accountability

Once I had this in place, my life instantly skyrocketed in every area.

It’s been 6 years now, and during that time I’ve

👉 Bought property

👉 Ran 5 marathons

👉 Built a $5k/month blog

👉 Built a six-figure company

👉 Become insanely disciplined

Soon, people asked if I could help them achieve success, too.

I’ve been coaching peak performance ever since — working directly with over 167 clients and impacting 1000’s of people through my programs.

Here are a few recent client wins:

James is the real deal—he’s a phenomenal coach. He asks the right questions that will really help you move forward. He’s knowledgeable and he genuinely cares about your success.
Alex Rosier
SaaS Founder
James is amazing, and I'm extremely grateful for the coaching I received from him. He helped me to clarify what I wanted to accomplish and find the strategies that would help me arrive at my chosen goals. I would wholeheartedly recommend his coaching to anyone.
Yan Emery
James is a good-hearted coach with a lot of experience and skill. He has a structured approach combined with deep listening and non-judgement, which is a great combination. He really goes to the psychological root of the issue. Highly recommended!
Ronal Shah
Business Owner

Your personal invitation

Your personal invitation

You’ve likely joined coaching programs that promise big outcomes yet overwhelm and underdeliver.

Either they’re poorly managed, full of untested systems, or run by individuals with no real-world experience.

Power Player is the opposite.

It’s the program you need to become a powerful human in life and business. Every aspect is tried, tested, and laser-focused on helping you achieve exponential growth.

This is for you if you finally want to be physically and financially free.

You are likely looking for a clear plan to execute immediately so you can accelerate your business and lifestyle goals.

If so, this is the program for you.

It’s the perfect program for you to get nuanced advice, personalised action plans, and non-negotiable success.

Considering having a high-impact action plan, being consistent, and building unbreakable discipline are the foundations of being an optimal human, I have no doubt this program can make you hundreds of thousands of dollars of the coming years.

But I’m on a mission to overdeliver at every opportunity.

So I’m offering it to you for a fraction of it’s value — but on one condition.

There’s so many fake gurus in my space. Your progress helps me prove I’m not one of them. When you get the results you deserve, I would appreciate you sharing with friends and family how this has positively impacted your life.

Sound fair?

If so, you won’t need to pay thousands.

You can join the program discussed, plus grab the bonuses below, for only $495 per month.

That’s right. I believe in my product so much, I don’t ask for six months up front like other programs you’ve seen.

The results speak for themselves.

You can join over 167 others by clicking the button below to schedule a free 30-minute strategy session.

Power Player

Get physically, financially, and mentally wealthy
£ 395 Monthly
  • Weekly 45-minute coaching session
  • Strategic planning system
  • Magic scheduling system
  • Effective todo listing system
  • 24/7 support and advice service
limited Availability

The button above takes you to a calendar link.

After selecting a time and date, you will receive a notification of your booked strategy call.

I want you to feel 100% secure in your investment, so I also offer a…

14 Day Personal Guarantee

I am 100% confident you will take an immediate quantum leap in your life and business that will lead to a wealthy life.

Growth in business takes time, but my course offers immediate results.

But if for any reason you feel like the program doesn’t 100% deliver, I’ll refund your investment. No questions asked.

A scientifically proven method

A scientifically proven method

I believe in the benefits of coaching.

I have my own performance coach, who has helped me achieve massive business success through objective decision-making and expert knowledge.

But I guess I am biased because it’s changed my life.

So if you don’t believe me, I suggest you read the science instead.

Researchers studied the effects of coaching on 31 workers at a major US health agency.

The result? 88% increase in productivity after only 8 weeks.

In the same study, they also put employees through a 3-day training course, which only produced a 22% increase in productivity.

Don’t believe me. Believe the science.



Who, specifically, is this program for?

Anybody who wants to grow their business, increase their income, and become physically and mentally strong. 

Why do I need help building a wealthy life?

The internet is full of ‘gurus’ telling you what to do, but that advice is not tailored to your unique goals, situation, and lifestyle. Becoming a Power Player builds a system that fits into your lifestyle and fixes the unique problems that you are facing.

Why should I listen to you? And who are you anyway?

My name is James King, a board certified ICF coaching professional. I spent multiple years working for an executive consulting company where I coached many of the world’s top CEOs. I then rapidly scaled a successful affiliate marketing website from the ground up (doing 5k/month in personal profit after only 7 months). I also built Coaching Movement Limited, which has helped 160+ entrepreneurs build financial, physical, and mental wealth.

Do I need to be a business owner to join the program?

You don’t need a current business to become a Power Player, but you must have the desire to start one. You will decide which business to start, develop a business plan, create a product, and get your first customers during this program.

What will I learn during the program?

You will learn how to build a strong AF mindset that can focus on high-impact tasks, do sh*t you don’t feel like doing, and overcome procrastination. You will learn how to effectively schedule your time, make key business decisions, and make more money (without working more hours).

How long will it take to start seeing results?

I can be confident that you will make significant steps forward in the first weeks, if you take the program seriously and take action on the tasks set out.

How will we communicate during the program?

Every coaching session will be conducted 1:1 on Zoom. You will receive access to the notes and action points after the session. Daily communication will be using audio, video or voice via instant messenger app. All progress, strategic and action tracking documents will be shared online.

What do I do if I want to join the program?

Hit the ‘Book a Free Strategy Session’ button below for a free 30-minute chat to determine if we are a good match to work together.

What do I do if I want to join the program?

Hit the ‘Book a Free Strategy Session’ button below for a free 30-minute chat to determine if we are a good match to work together.

I have other questions. Can you help?


Reach out on LinkedIn, or email (james [at] thecoaching movement .com) and I’ll get back to you personally as soon as I can.

Ready to align your life with your true desires?

Apply now for our program and take the first step towards a more empowered and purposeful life.

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