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78% of people encounter conflicting information about nutrition.

The diet advice online is confusing. It sounds difficult and expensive. 

And most of it does not work anyway. You have tried it before. 

It is a similar story to exercise. Workout plans do not fit your busy schedule.

They are time-consuming. And feeling tired after work makes the gym sound exhausting. 

I suspect you do not enjoy the gym very much anyway. 

But if you do not eat healthy and exercise then you are going to be in trouble.

Lack of exercise is the 4th leading risk factor for early death

This is a scary statistic.

But why is this happening? You can relate to some of these situations:

  • Healthy food is expensive and difficult to find in the grocery store
  • Cooking healthy meals takes a long time and a lot of energy
  • Losing weight is possible with diets but the weight does not stay off long-term
  • Trying to exercise after work is difficult because you are too tired
  • You are very busy with work and family. It is difficult to find time to cook healthy meals and exercise
  • Spending hours on the treadmill is boring
  • Socialising is difficult when you are on a diet
Health deteriorates at a steady pace. You will not see changes day-to-day. 
The decline happens year-to-year.
You do not realise anything is wrong until it is too late. You always think time is on your side.

But it gets harder every day to recover from the situation. 

Weight loss becomes more difficult with age.

You become less fit as you go down this path. It does not lead to a good place.

The impact of this decline affects everyone around you. 
Being tired all the time stops you from giving your family the time they deserve.
You want to plan more activities but you lack motivation. This is due to a lack of fitness and poor health.

You are not fulfilling your potential at this stage. Does this lifestyle sound familiar?

This is not the right approach for good health. It is a recipe for gradual decline. And I understand.

I have been in your shoes before. 

I did not exercise because I did not enjoy it. Nutrition was confusing so I ate what I felt like eating.

I cured my emotions with junk food. I did not think about my health, I ate mindlessly. 

This led to me gaining too much weight. 

I felt tired most of the time. My motivation for physical activity did not exist. I did not look good.

But I managed to get out of the slump. It took 5 years, and many failed diet attempts. 

But I found the solution to a healthy life

The Coaching Movement is amazing, and I'm extremely grateful for the coaching I received from James - he has left me a much better person than when we first met. Without ever being judgemental or telling me what to do, they helped me to clarify what it is I wanted to accomplish and helped me to find the strategies that would help me arrive at my chosen goals. I would wholeheartedly recommend their coaching to anyone. Thank you The coaching movement, you rock!

Yan Barcelona (Spain),
Chief Financial Officer

3 things made my transformation possible:

1) Speaking to someone with knowledge.

I tried following diet plans but nothing worked. It worked for other people. But nothing worked for me. 

That’s because everyone is different. You and I do not need the same diet.

The advice I got from friends and family was well meaning. But it was not the solution. Nothing changed. 

They tried to offer support, but it was not enough to change my habits. But health improves when you get an outside perspective from someone with knowledge. 

It works because:

  • Advice personalised to your health goals
  • The person has no agenda. So you can trust what they are saying
  • Collaborate to find a way of living that works for your circumstances
  • Space for honest conversations that get to the root cause.
  • You agree on action plans and goals with somebody else. That way you are

And you cannot believe what you read on the internet. Those days are gone. You need

advice from someone with proven knowledge.

2) You need support.

You cannot tackle this problem alone. 

That’s why 95% of people fail. 

Who will help you when you are trying to decide what groceries to buy? Or if you are struggling to stop eating junk food today? 

People are busy. They do not have time to support you. And they do not know how to answer your questions either.

Life is full of challenges. You never know what is going to happen next.

 Motivation comes and goes. Circumstances change. But healthy habits need to be consistent.

Getting support and guidance in any situation keeps you on track. It gives you the confidence to make positive changes.

3) You need goals.

Goals build motivation. You want to succeed, so you will stay on track. 

But choosing the right goals is difficult.

Setting unrealistic expectations destroys your confidence. And failure pushes you towards unhealthy habits.

 This is not about setting short-term goals. You know that crash dieting does not work.

You need a vision for the future. And a roadmap of how to get there. 

Seeing progress will give you motivation. Along with the small wins you achieve every week. 

You will not quit because you know the plan. Consistent good choices become natural. 

Better health is inevitable.

Getting by feeling ‘OK’ is not acceptable.

And I felt less than OK most days. But I followed the above steps, and things improved. 

I regained my energy and motivation to exercise. Business growth happened because I was more focussed. No afternoon crash. 

I was clear about what food to eat. And I reduced my food bill. Less unnecessary junk food helped me save money. 

I lost weight, got fitter and slept better. 

My Emotional health improved because I was beating myself up less.

I exercise because I want to. And I do not need willpower to stop eating junk food. 

You do not need to feel less than your best. 

Make changes and you will recover. 

The Total Health Transformation Challenge delivers success.

Here is how it works

Weekly 1:1 Health Coaching Sessions

You need advice from someone knowledgeable. Get the answers you need, so you can make healthy decisions. 

Meeting a professional every week delivers guidance and support. 

Being given a meal plan and hoping for the best does not work. 

Meeting a coach and deciding on a personalised action plan builds success.

Here is what you will get from your weekly coaching sessions:

  • Advice without judgment or agenda. Your coach puts you in control of your own health.
  • A space to share your challenges. And get genuine care and support in return.
  • Advice that is specific to your lifestyle and health goals.
  • Thought provoking questions so you can understand why you make unhealthy choices.
  • Get your health questions answered. And solutions to your problems so you can take action.
  • Genuine support and care from someone who wants you to succeed.

Leaving every session with clear goals and motivation delivers success. 

You will feel great after every session. A clear mind is necessary for a healthy life.

24/7 Messenger Support

You cannot rely on Google for advice. It does not know your personal needs. 

Having direct contact with your coach gives you guidance. 

You don’t need to take this journey alone. 

Say goodbye to guesswork. Say hello to support from someone who knows your needs. 

Sharing your wins during the week builds confidence. And you will be happy that someone shares your success.

  • Get solutions to your problems at any time
  • Know you are not alone. You have a supporter all the time
  • Tell your coach when you are winning – and celebrate together
  • Feel empowered by someone invested in your success

You will get the support you deserve. And the accountability you need to succeed

Progress Tracking System

You want to see results. 

Evidence that you are making progress is motivating. 

A progress tracking system guarantees progress. 

You will see it in real time. You will know you are on the right path.

Make a progress tracking system that includes:

  1. A vision for the future, so you know exactly where you are going
  2. Action steps to reach your vision. This is your roadmap
  3. Record completion of action steps – and track results
  4. See your progress. And celebrate your success.

You need to see success. And keep your eye on the goal. 

Keep your future vision at the front of your mind. 

You will get there – one step at a time.

This program delivers success.

It combines support and expert advice. 

You will be in control of your health. And every aspect of life will get better.

This is how life will look after your Total Health Transformation:

  • Loads of energy to do the things you love
  • A healthy body weight without restrictive dieting
  • Enjoy living an active lifestyle
  • Have a slice of pizza or piece of cake without fear
  • Give your friends and family the best version of yourself
  • Live a healthy life without an expensive food bill
  • A knowledge of nutrition and exercise – success for life
  • Look and feel confident. You have earned it.

You deserve amazing health.

Be the best version of yourself. Energetic, motivated, confident and happy.

The Coaching Movement has absolutely a great coaches! Very knowledgeable and great listener. I really enjoy working with them, James's been very supportive and thanks to him I was able to achieve my health goals. Highly recommended.

Jad London (UK),
Marketing Manager

12 Week Total Health Transformation Challenge

Weekly 1:1 Coaching Sessions

24/7 Support via Messenger App

Progress and Habit Tracking

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How many of these points can identify with?

  • Eating healthy is expensive
  • Cooking healthy meals is time consuming
  • I cannot exercise consistently
  • I don’t know which diet to follow
  • I hear a lot of conflicting advice about nutrition
  • I go to sleep too late and feel tired the next day
  • How do I know which supplements are worth taking?

But this is confusing. Because you hear so many opinions.

You have tried most of them and they don’t work anyway.

Not knowing what to do makes you give up. Why bother.

But that’s not the solution. Living an unhealthy lifestyle leads to chronic disease and
‘feeling like crap’ syndrome.

It’s time to make a change.

That’s where 15 Simple Habits for Sustainable Health comes to the rescue.

Being healthy is all about habits. And it doesn’t have to be complicated.

After reading this eBook you will have clarity over what to eat and how to exercise.

You will be able to maintain a healthy body weight and have high energy levels.

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