Lower Your Expectations (and Feel Content)

Reduce your expectations

Simple question:

How often do you feel disappointed by other people?

Now answer this:

Are you in control of other people’s actions?

The answer to this question is no. You may feel in control, but humans have a mind
of their own.

Being disappointed by other people’s actions puts happiness out of your

You feel frustrated that somebody has not met your expectations.

But you cannot control their behaviour.

Here’s some examples of others people’s actions causing disappointment. How
many of these can you relate to?

  • People arriving late to a scheduled meeting
  • Somebody cutting you off while driving
  • Colleague not showing up to work
  • Friend forgetting to text you back

Poor service at a restaurant

These situations lead to disappointment. Because somebody did not meet your

This is a problem. People will constantly let you down if you have high expectations.

The world will be full of disappointment. People are unreliable all the time.

You will never control the reliability of others. They have their own lives. There
will always be an excuse.

Not accepting this fact causes frustration and anger.

Resentment at the world around you.

This is no way to live.

And you don’t have to. Because there is a solution to this problem.

You need to lower your expectations.

This solution is within your control.

You are changing your own behavior. Instead of trying to change others.

Things will not bother you like they used to. You will have freedom to be happy.

Here are the benefits you will see:

  • Take back control of your emotions
  • Start treating others with compassion and respect
  • Reduced anger and frustration
  • Positive outlook on the world around you
  • Less confrontation

This is a life worth living. Full of happiness and compassion.

You now know the benefits. So let’s move onto the tactics.

You need to shift your mindset.

Reduce your expectations of others. So you can relieve stress from yourself.

Here are the 3 steps you will follow to make this happen:

1) Reflect on your own expectations

Important question:

Are you aware of the expectations you have of other people?

It’s easy to walk around making judgements based on expectations. Without even
realising it.

That’s what happens when you are on autopilot. Which is most of the time.

Now answer this honestly:

Are your expectations realistic?

You will find many of them are not.

Because people make mistakes. Expecting them to do things your way is obscene.

2) Communicate your expectations

I am not saying all expectations are bad.

It’s OK to expect your employee to arrive at work on time. This is a valid expectation.

But everyone must be clear about this expectation.

Grey areas set people up for disappointment.

This does not mean forcing your expectations upon people.

It’s about finding common ground. You will listen to their point of view, and come to
an agreement that is fair for both parties.

Be open to feedback. Prepare to adjust your expectations accordingly.

Humility is the foundation of success in so many areas. And this is one of them.

3) Practice empathy

Humans make mistakes all the time. That’s life. Accept this fact.

How many times have you made a mistake?

You make them every day.

Remember that mistakes are accidental. They are not malicious.

Don’t take things personally. People are not attacking you. They’re just living their

You don’t know what they’re going through anyway.

Judgement is unacceptable.

Understanding is necessary.

Following these steps will deliver you to peace.

Freedom from frustration. And a positive relationship with the world around you.

Embrace your new outlook.

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