Our Mission

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Delivering Progress Through Meaningful Connection

“Meaningful communication paves the path to progress and unlocks endless possibilities for innovation and collaboration.” – Thomas Edison

It has become harder to build meaningful connections. 

Isolation is at an all-time high. 

People feel as if they must face life’s challenges alone.

This lack of support makes progress difficult. 

You feel like nobody cares about your project.

And we’re on a mission to make a difference.

Our aim is to support you in achieving your most ambitious goals.

Providing unwavering support and genuine guidance.

Our mission is to deliver progress through meaningful connection.

And we will do whatever it takes to make that happen.

Gain Valuable Knowledge on Health, Wealth and Fulfilment.

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Meaningful communication paves the path to progress and unlocks endless possibilities for innovation and collaboration.

Thomas Edison

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Our Mission

We are on a mission to help individuals and professionals achieve health, wealth and fulfilment.

Being anything but the best version of yourself is unacceptable.

And we work incredibly hard to help everybody achieve the life they deserve.

The passion that we have for personal and professional development shines through.

We strive to be the trusted partner on your journey to success.

Imagine a world in which everybody is satisfied with their lives. That’s the ideal we are trying to make happen.

Our Core Values

The Coaching Movement makes every decision based on a set of core values. Having strong guiding principles is vital for the life-changing work we carry out. We use these values to make key decisions that shape the positive impact we have on people’s personal and professional development.


We believe in surpassing client expectations by consistently delivering exceptional coaching services. Through our dedication to overdelivering.


We foster a growth mindset and encourage everyone to embrace personal development and continuous improvement.


We value genuine connections and build relationships based on trust, empathy, and understanding. we create a space where clients feel heard, valued, and empowered to achieve their goals.


We demonstrate reliability and consistency in our work and interactions with clients and colleagues. Clients and colleagues can trust us to be dependable, responsive, and accountable for our actions.


The Coaching Movement upholds the highest standards of integrity, honesty, and ethical behaviour in all our dealings. We maintain client confidentiality, respecting everybody’s privacy and ensuring the security of their personal information.
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Happy Clients

Real Testimonials from Successful Clients

“I have had the pleasure to be coached by James in an ongoing capacity during 2022. James is engaging, deeply curious, intuitive and an excellent listener. I have found him to be very insightful in all our coaching conversations. As a small business owner, I have found working with James to be an integral and enjoyable component of my professional and business development. I have gained greater clarity and deeper insight in all areas for change and exploration I have brought to our coaching sessions. I look forward to continuing our coaching journey.”

Leanne Sydney (Australia),
Business Owner (Freshwater Harmony)

The Coaching Movement is amazing! I really enjoy working with them. Together my business has reached new levels. They are very knowledgeable and a true listeners. They tell you what you need to hear, not only what you want to hear. I hope to keep working with them for a long time!

Dion Amsterdam (Netherlands),
CEO (Internship Hub)

The Coaching Movement has absolutely a great coaches! Very knowledgeable and great listener. I really enjoy working with them, James's been very supportive and thanks to him I was able to achieve my health goals. Highly recommended.

Jad London (UK),
Marketing Manager

It was a pleasure working with The Coaching Movement. They helped me unpack some of the blockages that caused me to be stuck in my work and life through working through and figuring out action steps together. I had experienced really meaningful growth thanks to James. It was also a really wonderful experience where he was like a friend to me and made me feel very comfortable throughout this whole process. If you need someone who is relatable and sincere, The coaching movement is the right coach for you!

Chris Singapore,
CEO (The Urban Farmer)

James is a joy to talk to, gives solid advice, and asks clarifying questions that allowed me to hone in on what I really want in life and stay motivated in doing so. I would 300% recommend booking sessions with the coaching movement as it is an investment in yourself and your future! I now believe in myself to accomplish more than I could imagine with his help

Lee Ann San Francisco (USA),

The Coaching Movement is amazing, and I'm extremely grateful for the coaching I received from James - he has left me a much better person than when we first met. Without ever being judgemental or telling me what to do, they helped me to clarify what it is I wanted to accomplish and helped me to find the strategies that would help me arrive at my chosen goals. I would wholeheartedly recommend their coaching to anyone. Thank you The coaching movement, you rock!

Yan Barcelona (Spain),
Chief Financial Officer

“James has helped me in a lot of ways that I didn’t know a life coach could. When I started down this path, I thought that what I really needed was someone to help me focus and remain accountable. He’s done so much more than that. He’s helped me discover the “why” and “what” behind all the things I wanted to accomplish. Why do I want to exercise regularly? Why do I want to start this business? Why do I want to remain sober? What will bring me true fulfilment? What is my reason why?When you come to understand your reasons why, achieving what you want becomes so much more doable. (Is “doable” a word people use in England?). Living by will-power alone is a miserable way to live. Living for all your reasons why is a beautiful way to live.I hope all that makes sense. Because if you’re looking at this review, you obviously want more out of your life. I’m telling you, this is the guy to help you. I could go on, but I think I’ve told you what you need to know. Give this a real chance. Plan to do it long term. Because your path of self-discovery and discovering your “why” might take a while.”

AJ Arizona (USA),
Podcast Host

“James is a great coach. He works with compassion and clarity, and focuses on helping you find a life aligned with your true values. He helped me through a confusing stage and I left feeling much more aligned and clear on how to progress in my career in a way that made sense and would be most fulfilling. Highly recommended!”

Ronal London (UK),
Account Manager

“I really enjoy working with James. You know that you have a really good coach when you start seeing progress immediately. Our conversations have helped me improve my work day after day.”

Jeff Jakarta (Indonesia),
Founder & CEO (Lokamark Ltd)

I’ve been working with the coaching movement for the past 3 months and the level of progress I’ve made in my personal life and goals has been life-changing. Their coaching style helps you build true self-esteem and gain clarity to change the old patterns that have been holding you back.

Marcelino Seattle (USA),

James is a great coach and person. I saw a lot of improvement in my life and work after working with the coaching movement. They helped me a lot in different areas, including building habits and giving me support. Thank you so much.

Fayez Jeddah (Saudi Arabia),
Founder (Blakyn)

“Absolutely fantastic and very enjoyable. James is an intelligent and patient listener and has a gift for understanding and reflecting back your thoughts in a gentle way. I enjoyed answering his thoughtful questions and exploring areas of my life in conversation with him. Hearing my ideas and feelings reflected back to me was extremely helpful and impactful for insight and breakthrough. If you are stuck somehow in getting to a goal, or if you are wanting to examine and understand some area of your life with an empathetic and thoughtful listener, you have found the right person for helping you gain insight and move forward in a life-changing way.”

Linda California (USA),

James is a fantastic, empathetic listener. The last few months have been a cathartic experience and I have truly benefited from his coaching. He asks great questions that prompt deep reflection, leaving me with questions to think about and action steps to work on until our following session. I’ve experienced positive growth and change. Thank you, The coaching Movement!

Vanessa Singapore,
Video Editor

“James is one of the kindest and most wholesome people I have met in my 34 years on this planet. He is a great listener, communicator and absolutely a solid friend. Please utilize James if you need to get over, into or out of whatever has got you stuck or hung up in life. He’s made a lifelong friend in me.”

Nick Utah (USA),
Video Production Manager

I was going through a difficult time in my personal life and felt stuck and overwhelmed. Shannon was incredibly supportive and non-judgmental, and helped me work through my emotions and find clarity. Her compassionate approach and practical advice were exactly what I needed to move forward and make positive changes in my life.


I had been struggling with motivation and direction for years, but after just a few sessions with Shannon, I felt like I had a clear path forward. She helped me identify my strengths and values, and together we created a plan to achieve my goals. I’m now more confident and focused than ever before, and I couldn’t have done it without her guidance.


I would thoroughly recommend Marie as a business and life coach. She is a very caring person and I found it so easy to talk to her. Her powerful coaching questions allowed me to come up with great solutions for myself.

Annabelle K- Dublin Ireland

I would thoroughly recommend Marie as a business and life coach. She is a very caring person and I found it so easy to talk to her. Her powerful coaching questions allowed me to come up with great solutions for myself.

Sue E- Dublin Ireland

Working with Marie as a life coach has felt like an awakening. She is supportive yet propels me to think and act which is very different than therapy. Highly recommended if you are looking to grow and have a supportive partner to help you discover what is holding you back and how you might move ahead.

Katrina S-Washington D.C.

Marie is a kind, genuine person, with a natural ability to connect with people that invites authentic dialogue. Working with her brought clarity and awareness for some aspects of my life and as a result a strategy of moving forward easily manifested. Marie listens with compassion and always offers words of encouragement when needed. I wholeheartedly recommend Marie as a coach, she can really make a difference!

Anca C- Brussels Belgium

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