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Reclaim Your Time & Add +37% Revenue With Your a Dedicated Virtual Assistant

Reclaim Your Time & Add +37% Revenue With a Dedicated Virtual Assistant

We identify business growth opportunities and delegate them to a dedicated, hard-working, fully-managed team member on a monthly basis.

I have levelled up so much this year, and so much of my success is due to James’ fantastic team. I’m so grateful for his services, and I will be a repeat customer.

Ty Fiero, SaaS Entrepreneur

Trusted by founders and leaders in some of the world’s top companies:

Most business owners are working too many hours.

You know you need to focus on sales & marketing to increase your income. But you spend 80% of your time checking emails, doing admin, and procrastinating on paperwork.

Suddenly, you’re working 40+ hours per week but your business is stagnant. That’s no way to live.

Not only that, but you keep avoiding the high-impact sales tasks:

• Sales calls
• Social posts
• Cold outreach
• Product design
• Brand awareness

These tasks drive revenue. But they’re not getting done.

So you’re left with a choice:

a) Keep being busy without seeing growth

b) Learn how to prioritise and delegate

Matt Schaefer
Matt Schaefer

App Developer

If you're someone trying to start a business and really need some guidance, James is THE MAN. The value he delivers for the price is absolutely incredible.

Alex Prothmann
Alex Prothmann

Company Director

I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect having it been the first time ever doing something like this. I the progress I’ve made in just the short time we’ve worked together is amazing and am looking forward to continuing on this journey.

Asha Downes
Asha Downes

Influencer & Entrepreneur

James helped me address imposter syndrome, challenges with clients, social media content blocks, and other issues that, if left unaddressed, would lead to problems. It feels great to have him in my corner.

The problem with delegation

We’ve all wasted money on terrible VAs.

Here’s the usual chain of events:

  1. You find someone on Upwork or Fiverr.
  2. You spend 1 hour explaining what to do.
  3. They deliver mediocre-poor quality work.
  4. You see no revenue growth from their work.
  5. You eventually end the agreement frustrated.
  6. You wonder if all the reviews on their profile are fake.


So you’re left with one other option; hire someone in your home country.

But they cost a fortune, have massive demands, and still don’t provide ROI.


I was feeling quite anxious about my business, but with every passing week, I feel more clarity and confidence. Thank you, James!
Fabi Lara
Entrepreneur & Influencer

But delegation is a skill you need to learn

I’ve coached 180+ business owners in 8 years, driving an average business growth of +37%.

What’s the biggest piece of advice I have for business owners? 

👉 Learn how to prioritise and delegate.

99% of founders don’t know how to identify business development tasks. Or how to delegate busy work.

But delegating the right stuff leads to:

• Less work hours
• Less boring tasks
• More business growth
• Massive business success

Just hiring a VA on Upwork won’t get you those benefits. You’ve already tried…

What is the solution?

What you need is a team who can:

  1. Look at your business tasks
  2. Determine tasks to be delegated
  3. Identify business growth opportunities
  4. Take action on all tasks with measurable results
Fortunately, we have exactly that…

What's included?

Dedicated Virtual Assistant

  • Working professional managed in full-time office
  • Able to take action on business growth tasks (marketing, sales, etc)
  • Able to manage all busy work (emails, customer service, admin, etc)
  • All work vetted by professional UK-based business consultants

Business Growth Consultancy

  • Weekly 30-minute business development meeting
  • Identifying business growth tasks and creating action plan
  • Task delegation assessment happens every week

Task Management System

  • Share task management systems with our team
  • Daily check-ins to provide progress reports and updates
  • Daily communication to help identify more growth opportunities

Business Growth Planning

  • Work towards agreed business growth KPIs
  • Create and follow a clear strategy with a dedicated team
  • Get continuous support from your team to provide guidance

VA Package

Scale Your Business With a Remote Team
  • Weekly 30-minute business consult
  • Dedicated VA to action business growth tasks
  • Skilled VA to manage all busy work
  • Daily identification of business growth opportunities
  • Direct communictation with UK-based team manager
  • Full task management system shared with your VA team
  • Daily updates on project progress
  • Clear business plan with KPIs and success metrics
  • Fully managed team within a professional office
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I want you to feel 100% secure in your investment, so I also offer a…

14 Day Personal Guarantee

I am 100% confident you will take an immediate quantum leap in your life and business that will lead to a wealthy life.

Growth in business takes time, but my course offers immediate results.

But if for any reason you feel like the program doesn’t 100% deliver, I’ll refund your investment. No questions asked.

Proven Case Studies

Dion Rozema

Dion reached out because he was struggling to keep up with business growth activities. He had struggled to force himself to keep on top of basic sales and admin tasks. He was running around wearing all the hats in his business, meaning business growth was stagnant despite him always working.

  • State 1: Business revenue declining because of lack of focus, out-of-shape physically, working 12 hours per day
  • State 2: Opened 4 more shops, 550% increase in revenue, lost 10kg, working 4 hours per day
  • Timeframe: Working 4 hours per day after 6 months, has 6 total shops after 12 months

12 months later, Dion has opened 4 additional outlets in his perfume store chain, causing a 550% increase in revenue (and profit). He delegated all tasks in his internship business, scaling back his hours from 40 per week to 5 per week – while maintaining profit margins. He’s now working less than 4 hours per day while scaling 2 companies.

Alex Prothmann

Alex started working with us having not made any significant growth in revenue in 5 years. A talented roofer, he has the skills to grow a massive company, but was neglecting growth tasks and unsure how to hire and delegate his sales positions. His ambition to achieve financial freedom was always there, but he needed some guidance and support.

  • State 1: Roofing company not growing for multiple years, wearing all the hats in the business, no business strategy, need to earn more money.
  • State 2: Created sales process, delegated and actioned sales outreach, added $80k in revenue in 60 days, working in the business less
  • Timeframe: 60 days

After only 60 days, Alex was able to delegate his sales process – leading to 25 quotations in 60 days and $80k in additional revenue generated. Less work for more revenue.


Who, specifically, is this service for?

Business owners who want to reclaim time on their schedule by delegating maintenance tasks – and grow their business by identifying and delegating business growth tasks.

Why do I need to delegate my work to a virtual team?

Delegation is the ultimate productivity hack. Your business grows without you doing any additional work. You will scale your business and work less hours – win, win situation.

Why should I listen to you? And who are you anyway?

My name is James King, a board certified ICF coaching professional. I spent multiple years working for an executive consulting company where I coached many of the world’s top CEOs. I then rapidly scaled a successful affiliate marketing website from the ground up (doing 5k/month in personal profit after only 7 months). I also built Coaching Movement Limited, which has helped 160+ entrepreneurs build financial, physical, and mental wealth.

I’ve hired VAs before. Why is this different?

This is not just a VA service. We will analyse your business, advise you on where to delegate, consult you on how to grow, and take all of the action on your behalf. This is a fully managed, business development service done in partnership with you.

How will we communicate during the program?

Every coaching session will be conducted 1:1 on Zoom. You will receive access to the notes and action points after the session. Daily communication will be using audio, video or voice via instant messenger app. All progress, strategic and action tracking documents will be shared online.

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