3 Strategies to 10x Your Online Business Without Working More Hours

Do you want faster business growth without working more hours?

You can, and this post will give you 3 strategies to 10x your business growth in half the time.

You will achieve the income you desire, and still have time to spend with your friends and family.

Feelings of overwhelm will disappear, and you will achieve measurable progress without feeling stressed.

Unfortunately, most people are working too many hours for disappointing results.

You are working on the wrong tasks

  • You’re doing stuff that doesn’t matter
  • You’re struggling to focus
  • You’re procrastinating

But implementing some simple strategies will half your work hours and instantly grow your business.

Here’s how, step by step:

Step 1: Work on tasks that grow the business.

This is where everyone is going wrong.

Working on the highest-growth tasks will get you 90% of the results in 10% of the time.

I’ve made this mistake before. When I started my first business, I spent days choosing logos, playing around with fonts, and rewriting Instagram posts.

These tasks were keeping me busy, but I was getting zero customers.

It wasn’t until I started working on growth tasks that I saw rapid progress:

  • Sales calls
  • Landing page design
  • Networking events
  • Targeting LinkedIn posts

Figure out the highest-leverage tasks and write them down.

Spend at least 4 hours every day working on them, and you see instant success.

Step 2: More deep work

Most people work with their phone next to them on their desk, and have email notifications invading their screen.

This crushes your focus and makes deep work impossible.

Humans are not designed to multitask, and responding to text messages is rarely a growth task.

You should aim for a minimum of 4 hours deep work per day. This can be 2x two-hour blocks.

Put your phone in the other room, turn off all notifications, and focus on one growth task.

Step 3: Plan your day in advance

You are only a planning session away from getting more clients.

Planning is essential. You must wake up every morning knowing exactly what you’re doing.

Know which tasks are priorities, add them to your work schedule, and treat them as deep work sessions.

If you combine these 3 strategies, you will be exceptionally productive, have loads of free time, and see rapid success.

Growing an online business is not complicated.

Now go out and make it happen.

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