5 Reasons Entrepreneurs Need a Personal Brand

Common belief: Personal brands are for influencers.

Reality: Personal brands are for entrepreneurs.

I thought personal branding was BS. I built 2 businesses without personality. I didn’t even use social media.

Here’s how I got clients:

  • Paid ads
  • Referrals
  • Local SEO
  • Directories
  • Organic SEO

Now, I’ve made building a personal brand my primary goal for 2024.

I was wrong. I’ve changed my mind.

Here’s 5 reasons why entrepreneurs should build a personal brand:

1. SEO is dead

Getting traffic from Google is a nightmare.

Google is rolling out their own AI, Google SGE, in 2024. It will provide an AI-generated response to your search query. This response will sit above organic results, and have a huge impact on traffic.

Currently, ranking No.1 on Google gets you a 27.6% CTR.

But with SGE implemented, that will be cut to less than 13%.

Google is also increasing the number of paid ads. We are now seeing 4 ads before any organic (unpaid) search result:

More paid ads = less organic clicks.

Building a business by ranking on Google is becoming impossible.

Goodbye, business built on Google. Hello, personal brand built on social.

2. CPC is rising

Cost per click (CPC) on paid ads is rising every day.

Competition for paid ads has increased. More competition means higher prices.

CPC will keep increasing. Profit margins will keep decreasing.

Ad agencies won’t work with you unless you have a $2,000/month budget.

All of this spells trouble for small business owners.

But guess what has $0 CPC: Personal brand.

Build a brand for yourself on social media. Escape the peril of paid ads.

3. AI drives authenticity

I hate AI-generated content.

It’s boring. It lacks soul. It uses fluffy language. It provides no perspective. And this is only the beginning.

But this is good news for real people.

Clients want human connection. Share your story and they will resonate with you.

People buy from people.

4. The future pivot

I’ve coached over 100 entrepreneurs. The biggest issue I see:

Shiny object syndrome.

I have suffered from this issue in the past.

I built a career in the ski industry. Then found success in engineering. But decided to build a successful affiliate marketing business. Before finally building my coaching company.

Every career pivot was starting again.

But with a personal brand, your reputation follows you.

People buy from you and trust you. They will buy anything you offer, even after you pivot.

Build an audience that buys your stuff, whatever product you sell.

5. Personal development

Personal brand develops you as a person.

1 year ago, I was scared of posting on social media.

  • I was self-conscious
  • I had nothing good to say
  • I thought people would laugh
  • I’m not that interesting anyway

But posting on social media changed my life.

  • I found my voice
  • I gained confidence
  • Learned new things
  • Developed a network
  • Found more customers

Posting on social media makes me a better person.

Build a personal brand, and you will find your personality.

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