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More than 70% of 9-5 workers are unhappy at their job.

This will not surprise you. 

It has become normal to work only to get paid. 

It’s easy to get stuck in a comfort zone. 


Work, eat, TV, sleep, repeat.

But this is not how dreams are made. 

You are building someone else’s dream, and sacrificing your own. 

I am sure you have an idea for a business. So many people do.

James is a joy to talk to, gives solid advice, and asks clarifying questions that allowed me to hone in on what I really want in life and stay motivated in doing so. I would 300% recommend booking sessions with the coaching movement as it is an investment in yourself and your future! I now believe in myself to accomplish more than I could imagine with his help

Lee Ann San Francisco (USA),

The problem is that 92% of people do not turn their business idea into reality.

Here are some of the reasons why you could be failing. Do you relate to any of these?

  • You have a great business idea but you don’t know how to get started
  • You want to start building your business but failing is scary
  • You do not have the support you need to turn your idea into a real business
  • You have a long list of tasks and ideas for a new business but keep putting them off until later
  • You feel like there are not enough hours in the day to build a business on top of your current job
  • You are frustrated that you are not making the progress you deserve – and want to start moving towards your goal

The Coaching Movement is amazing! I really enjoy working with them. Together my business has reached new levels. They are very knowledgeable and a true listeners. They tell you what you need to hear, not only what you want to hear. I hope to keep working with them for a long time!

Dion Amsterdam (Netherlands),
CEO (Internship Hub)

I am sure you are currently feeling frustrated by one or more of these points. They are stopping you from achieving your dream. 

Continuing down this path will end in regret. Imagine knowing you could have shared your passion with the world. And got paid for the privilege. 

But you missed your chance. I don’t wish anyone to feel this way.

Staying stuck in a career you do not enjoy is not an option. 40 hours per week doing anything but your passion is unacceptable.

Sacrificing 8 hours per day helping other people build their dreams. Then not having any focus left to build your own.

I know exactly how you feel. I have been in your shoes before.

I once had ideas that I was sure would be successful. But I had no idea how to get started.

I tried and failed to make progress many times. 

I got overwhelmed, I could not focus, I never had time, I did not know where to start.


It was a pleasure working with The Coaching Movement. They helped me unpack some of the blockages that caused me to be stuck in my work and life through working through and figuring out action steps together. I had experienced really meaningful growth thanks to James. It was also a really wonderful experience where he was like a friend to me and made me feel very comfortable throughout this whole process. If you need someone who is relatable and sincere, James is the right coach for you!

Chris Singapore,
CEO (The Urban Farmer)

But from my failures, I learned the 3 things you need to succeed:

1) You need outside guidance.

When I say “outside guidance”, I mean somebody detached from your situation. 
I tried to use my family and friends for guidance and support. But it didn’t work. 
I got frustrated by their lack of knowledge. I wasn’t feeling supported. I felt isolated. It is difficult to stay accountable for working on your new idea when you are alone. It’s like nobody cares if you show up or not.
Having input from somebody on the outside changes everything. 
It gives you the motivation to keep going.
Failure is often the cost of learning how to start a business. But guidance from somebody who has been there before stops the mistakes that lead to failure.

2) You need regular support.

Questions come up all the time when starting a business.

Everything is new. I needed somebody rooting for me all the time. Motivation goes up and down, but success needs consistency.

Having somebody to share your thoughts with maintains consistency

Sending progress updates keeps you motivated. Having a constant dialogue with somebody who wants you to succeed is powerful.

Getting stuck on a task can lead to wasted time

Knowing you can share your issue and get good advice keeps you progressing. 

Knowing you have that support available gives you confidence. 

Someone believes in you, so you have the license to believe in yourself.

3) You need goal setting and structure.

How can you choose the best route to take if you do not know the destination?

I felt lost when I started my first business. I did not know where to turn.

The amount of tasks overwhelmed me. I did not know where to start, so I ended up doing nothing. You need a clear vision of where you are going so you can make progress today. 

Having a roadmap of steps to reach your goal gives you clarity. You know exactly what you need to do every day.


You cannot build success in a chaotic system

You need a structure in place so you stay on track. 

Structure also helps to maximise your time. You will be efficient with the limited time you have.


This leads to the fastest progress with the least stress. 

The only regret I have is not starting the Idea to Entrepreneur framework sooner. 

It took me 10 years to escape from my boring 9-5 job. I now work full time on the things I enjoy.

I have used this method to set up 3 successful businesses. Two in service and one in content creation. 

They are all in areas that I am passionate about. Nutrition, personal development, and skiing.

I now set my own schedule and make my own decisions. I work remotely and enjoy the ability to travel without asking my boss for ‘time off’.

I am not chained to an office desk. Or stuck following office hours. 

I do 20 hours per week of focused work. And have time to exercise or meet friends in the afternoon.

I get fulfilment from my work. I am seeing progress and making an impact. Working for money is not satisfying. 

There needs to be meaning. It is unacceptable that you are not progressing with your dream idea. 

But there is a solution.

The Coaching Movement is amazing, and I'm extremely grateful for the coaching I received from James - he has left me a much better person than when we first met. Without ever being judgemental or telling me what to do, they helped me to clarify what it is I wanted to accomplish and helped me to find the strategies that would help me arrive at my chosen goals. I would wholeheartedly recommend their coaching to anyone. Thank you Coach James, you rock!

Yan Barcelona (Spain),
Chief Financial Officer

The Idea to Entrepreneur program provides the 3 things you need to succeed.

Here is what you get with Idea to Entrepreneur:

Weekly 1:1 Coaching Sessions

You need support, guidance and accountability. You need someone you can trust.

Meeting a coach every week keeps you moving forward.

  • Get personal advice from someone who understands.
  • Make decisions, set goals, and take action.
  • Get support from someone who wants you to succeed.
  • Measure your progress, and celebrate wins.
  • Get motivated to progress.

You share your experience with your coach. And get support from a professional. Consistent meetings lead to consistent actions.

You will make progress towards your weekly goals. You will celebrate your wins and feel great after every meeting. 

You will have clarity on your next steps. 

You will be winning.

24/7 Messenger Support

You have questions about big decisions. You want to share your small wins during the

You want to feel connected to your goal.
Having messenger support keeps you consistent.

  • Share concerns and get advice.
  • Celebrate wins to boost confidence.
  • Get feedback on your ideas.
  • Feel supported at all times.

Confidence improves with support and connection.

Decision making improves with outside perspective.

Goal Setting and Accountability

You need a vision for the future. And clear action steps to get there.

Having a goal and progress tracking system in place keeps you progressing.

  • Set goals and know the steps to get there.
  • Organise your ideas into clear action steps.
  • See your progress so you stay motivated.
  • Stick to your plan without getting distracted.
  • Be productive by knowing the most important tasks.
  • You and your coach share access to the system. That way you can share updates.

You and your coach share access to the system.
That way you can share updates. And celebrate wins along the way.

Organisation makes you productive and puts you in control.

By the end of the program you will:

  • Have built the foundation of your business.
  • Have a system in place that makes you productive
  • Have set business goals and achieved them.
  • Have clarity on the next steps and actions you need to take.
  • Be consistent with your actions and know how to stay on track.
  • Have confidence in your ability – and the knowledge that you can succeed.

Seeing your business idea become a reality gives life purpose.

Imagine waking up and doing something you love every day.

That is the definition of success.

James is a great coach and person. I saw a lot of improvement in my life and work after working with the coaching movement. They helped me a lot in different areas, including building habits and giving me support. Thank you so much.

Fayez Jeddah (Saudi Arabia),
Founder (Blakyn)

Idea to entrepreneur in 90 days

Weekly 1:1 Coaching Sessions

24/7 Messenger Support

Goal setting and Progress Tracking

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How many of these points can identify with?

Let me ask you a simple question:

How many hours per day do you spend on social media?

1 hour?

or 4 hours?

It’s always more than you think.

Now answer another question:

How much time are you spending on meaningless tasks?

You need to stop wasting time on things that are not aligned with your goals.

But it’s easy to mindlessly waste time.

How many times have you opened social media and lost 20 minutes?

This stops you from making progress.

You feel like you’re working all the time but not moving your life forward.

But fortunately, there is a solution. It starts with the Time Management Tool.

Tracking where you spend your time puts you back in control.

You can see where you are wasting time. And if you are focussing on the highest
priority tasks.

This tool will help you reach your goals faster.

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