How to work for 12 hours per day with 100% focus

I am able to work 12+ hours per day with 100% focus.

That might sound crazy…

But it can be done.

I owe this high level of focus to 6 amazingly simple habits.

Each one helps me stay on track and get more done.

There’s also an incredible mindset shift that has boosted my focus 10x.

But I will share that with you at the end of this email.

Let’s jump into the habits:

1. Work immediately after waking

Having too many thoughts racing through your head kills focus.

You want to do the task. But you keep thinking about the email you received earlier.

Or that phone call you just made.

Your brain gets overloaded in the later portion of the day.

That’s why working immediately upon waking is a focus hack.

My morning routine is:

  1. Wake up at 5am.
  2. Drink a glass of water.
  3. Take a shower.
  4. Start working.

Notice that I don’t include ‘look at my phone’ as one of the steps.

Reading messages clouds my mind. So I wait a few hours before looking at my phone.

I reserve the early morning for creative tasks. The ones that need maximum focus.

2. No caffeine

Controversial opinion:

Caffeine makes you less productive.

It might help you push through a sleepy morning…

But you’re going to crash later. And that will kill your focus in the evening.

Instead of reaching for the coffee. It might be worth thinking about your sleep.

Optimising sleep removes the need for caffeine.

I never set an alarm. I believe in letting the body decide how much sleep it needs.

Even caffeine in the afternoon impacts your sleep.

And less sleep leads to more caffeine cravings. You end up in a vicious cycle.

Cut the caffeine. Optimise sleep. You will be more focused.

3. Turn off notifications

Phones ruin your focus.

Messages can arrive at any time.

Cutting into your workflow. Ruining your productivity.

Your phone controls your life.

The endless notifications. Telling you to look at them.

Take back control.

Turn off notifications. Then you decide when you look at your phone.

I also recommend closing the email and messaging apps on your laptop.

Deep work is ruined when a notification invades your screen.

I personally spend 100% of the day with my phone on do not disturb.

Most people can wait. It’s rarely urgent.

4. Time block your calendar

Multi-tasking is not a good strategy.

It. Does. Not. Work.

Neither does sitting at the computer wondering what to do next.

Both of these issues are resolved by time blocking your calendar.

Take your calendar app and block off each task you need to do.

That includes sending emails. Or making phone calls.

You must do this at least 1 day before.

You can even schedule the whole week in advance when possible.

You will never be wondering what to do.

You will be able to focus instantly.

5. Set clear goals

The pressure of a deadline builds focus.

Your desperation to get things done in time gives you a new level of productivity.

Use that to your advantage.

Set clear goals for the day. Achieve them at all costs.

I find adding external accountability to the goals helps.

Use a business coach and share your schedule with them.

Working with freelancers can also add accountability.

Make them a part of your workflow. They will be waiting for you to deliver.

6. Take exercise snacks

You can only focus for so long.

Feeling restless interrupts my extended focus sessions.

I just need to get up and move.

It’s like the energy is trying to escape from my body.

Let’s be real. We’re not evolved to sit at desks for 12+ hours per day.

I find short bouts of exercise are enough to kill that physical energy.

This can be a brisk walk. Or some burpees.

I also like to go to the gym during the middle of the day.

Burning off that excess physical energy makes focus easier.

It also refreshes your mind.

BONUS: Do tasks you love

It’s hard to focus on things you hate.

Focussing on doing your taxes for 12 hours would be difficult. Maybe impossible.

But 12+ hours of 100% focus on something you love feels like a holiday.

Adapt your business so you can focus mainly on the tasks you enjoy.

Delegate the tasks you hate.

It’s never been easier to get help. Fiverr and Upwork are your friends.

This will rapidly grow your business.

As you focus on high value tasks that move the business forward.

I know 12+ hours of focus sounds difficult.

But implement these tactics and it will become a reality.

Start taking focussed work seriously.

Your business will thank you later.

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