Your business will fail if you do this

your business will fail if you make this mistake

I see entrepreneurs making the same devastating mistake every day.

I’ve been working with them for 4 years. And have coached over 100 business owners.

Most of them come to me with these 4 issues:

  • Not making progress
  • Procrastinate too much
  • Not sure why things are not working
  • Struggle with consistency
  • Overwhelmed

No matter the service. No matter the industry.

It’s always the same.

And there is one problem that causes these frustrations.

And I’m not immune to these problems.

I’m an entrepreneur with a lot of ideas.

And a lot of motivation.

My devastating mistake

One of my first ventures into business was blogging.

I started my blog in 2019. Without a clue about what to do.

But I was desperate.

So I focussed on building a blog for 9 months.

I did nothing else. Just write content and learn SEO.

That blog was earning me a full-time income after 9 months.

But it wasn’t fulfilling for me.

I was also working for an executive coaching company at the time.

I love personal development.

So I branched out and started my own coaching company.

I’m an entrepreneur. Of course I don’t want to work for someone else.

So I focussed all of my attention on growing a coaching business.

Working 12+ hours per day to make it happen.

It became highly profitable in only 6 months.

But there was a cost.

I hadn’t checked up on my blog in 6 months.

I was sure it was passive income at this point. Easy money.

But guess what? There had been a bunch of algorithm updates.

I had lost 65% of my traffic. Along with half my revenue.

I immediately spent time trying to fix it.

But by this point I was already running a busy coaching business.

Trying to do both of these things got me nowhere.

I was overwhelmed. Working too much. Didn’t know where to focus my attention.

Both businesses suffered for 6 months.

Until I realised:

You can’t do it all.

That was a profound moment. Because I thought I was special.

I was sure I could run 10 businesses if I wanted to. It’s all about hard work right?


I outsourced everything for my blog.

And decided to take almost 0 involvement.

Guess what happened?

My coaching business took another leap forward.

Do one thing. That’s the key to progress.

Sounds simple. But it’s actually very difficult.

Because I see this mistake every day.

Doing too many things will destroy your progress:

  • Too many social media accounts
  • Too many services
  • Too many ideas
  • Too many payment structures
  • Too many projects

You will not achieve success in business until you resolve this issue.

It will always hold you back. You will continue to feel stuck and overwhelmed.

Here’s the solution

1. Accept you have a problem

It took me 6 months to realise I could only do one thing.

But you can accept it faster.

That’s why I’m giving you this information.

Listen to yourself. Are you:

  • Overwhelmed
  • Busy all the time
  • Not making enough progress
  • Frustrated

You need to make a change because what you’re doing now isn’t working.

2. Set goals

You must have a clear direction.

Establish short, medium and long-term goals.

You will continue to get distracted if you do not have a plan.

This is where 90% of entrepreneurs go wrong.

Jumping into action without having a clear direction.

Don’t make that mistake. Get clear today.

3. Simplify

Here’s how you make rapid business growth:

  1. One product
  2. One target market
  3. One acquisition channel

Points 1 and 2 are product development. You must do this well.

Then focus all of your time on point 3.

Where does your target audience hang out?

Linkedin? Google? Instagram?

Find that one channel. Speak to your avatar.

With the ONE product that solves their problem.

4. Stick to the plan

You will get distracted. Because it won’t work right away.

Something else will come up. A new platform or product idea.

But you will not progress until you stick to the plan.

Building a company takes time.

Don’t think in days. Think in years.

Keep doing the same action. Day after day.

You will get results.

Do whatever it takes to stay accountable to the plan.

  • Keep looking at your goals
  • Tell people about it
  • Build a support network
  • Get an accountability partner

The information in this email is not rocket science.

It’s very simple.

But it’s the simple things that work.

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