How to Double Your Conversion Rate in 4 Easy Steps (No Matter What Industry You’re In)

I had 53 sales calls in 2023, and converted 42 of them into paying clients.

I did not achieve a 79.25% conversion rate by chance. There are a few simple tactics you can use to boost conversion.

Converting more calls into clients is the most efficient way to earn more money. You will get more clients without extra time or effort.

Unfortunately, most business owners only convert 30% of consultations.

  • They make the customer anxious
  • They don’t provide value
  • They’re talking about themselves
  • They give too much information

But with some small changes, you can double your conversion rate.

1. Become friends with the client

Building a comfortable relationship with the client makes sales easy.

The first 10 minutes of a consultation have nothing to do with business. I use this time to search for things we have in common. These are the questions I ask them:

  • What’s it like to live over there?
  • Have you ever been to the UK?
  • What do you do with your spare time?
  • How’s life treating you?

Jump on the things you have in common with them. Connecting with them on a personal level breaks barriers.

People buy from people they like.

2. Give them value.

Most service providers scare the client by jumping right into a sales pitch.

In my coaching business, I treat the 30-minute consultation as a free coaching session. I help them solve problems, put together a plan, and increase productivity.

They see instant results, and I have demonstrated my skills.

Use the consultation to give them free value, and they sign up immediately.

3. Ask more than you tell.

Asking questions gets the client to sell themselves.

You want the client to talk about:

  • The pain they’re in
  • The issue they can’t solve
  • How desperate they are for help
  • The reason they can’t live without your service

You achieve this by asking these questions:

  • What problem are you facing?
  • How have you tried to resolve it? Did it work?
  • How important is finding a solution?
  • Why did you contact me?

Use their answers to pitch your service as the ideal solution.

4. Keep it simple.

The client gets overwhelmed when you spend 70% of a sales call explaining your service.

In my consultations, I talk about the results they will achieve:

  • How much revenue will increase
  • How much time you will save
  • How much happier you will feel

People don’t care about your process, they’re paying for the result.

Quick recap

  1. Treat the client like a friend
  2. Give the client free value
  3. Ask questions about their problem
  4. Explain the RESULTS you will deliver

Let’s go help more clients.

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