3 Steps for Entrepreneurs to 10x Business Growth

I’ve helped 100+ entrepreneurs turn ideas into revenue.

During that time, I’ve discovered 3 steps that guarantee 10x faster business growth.

You will earn more money, and work less hours. Arrive at your desk clear about what task to complete. See rapid results without getting overwhelmed.

Unfortunately, most business owners are confused about what to do.

Most business owners are wasting 95% of their time

  • Don’t know which task to complete
  • No plan
  • No accountability

But you can grow a profitable business without wasting your time.

Here’s how, step by step:

1. Identify high impact tasks

Most business owners are working on tasks that don’t grow the business.

A new client started working with me 2 months ago. He runs a Google ad agency. He beats himself up for not making progress. I asked him what his work day looked like:

  • Research things on Google
  • Respond to client messages
  • Track the ad campaigns
  • Input client data into the system

None of these tasks grow the business.

We outsourced client work and messages. Then, started doing two things:

  • Cold outreach (20 messages/day)
  • Learning new skills

Now he’s working 4 hours per day, and has taken on 5 new clients, generating 24k in revenue.

Identify the high impact tasks in your business, and work on them at least 90% of the time.

2. Create a plan

You will fail without planning

I have a client who owns a phone repair shop in Utah. He needs to do email marketing and content creation to grow his business, but has 4 kids and a lot of distractions. To make sure the work gets done, he is now waking up 1 hour earlier to do marketing without distraction.

He’s now seeing a 30% increase in net profit after only 2 months.

Create a plan that prioritises high impact tasks.

3. Stick to the plan

An amazing plan is worthless if you don’t take action.

I recently started on YouTube (here’s my channel). I learned the skills and created a plan, but was struggling to get the videos posted. I felt like nobody cared, so it was easy to skip a week.

I solved this problem by hiring a YouTube coach. He knows my posting schedule, and holds me accountable. He also checks out my work and gives me feedback.

Since working with him, I have never missed a week, and my videos are performing well.

The combination of high impact tasks, scheduling and accountability gets results.

If you take these steps, I guarantee you will succeed.

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