Life-Changing Benefits of Posting Content Regularly on Social Media

In 2022, I posted my first Instagram reel.

My reasons for starting to post on social media were clear:

  1. Grow my business
  2. Overcome my fear of being on camera

It took me 2 hours to post my first 20-second reel.

Because my brain was telling me:

  • I look stupid
  • I am not interesting
  • My voice is horrible
  • People will laugh at me

I hit post, and anticipated attention.

But the reality was different:

  • Nobody cared

I felt like an idiot for worrying so much.

But it was a life-changing moment for me.

Because I realised:

“Nobody gives a sh*t about what I’m doing, and why should they?”

People are busy. They’re living their own lives.

So post like nobody’s watching. Because they’re not.

With my new found confidence, I posted a reel every day for months.

I never became an influencer. Instagram never became a good business channel.

But I learned valuable skills:

  1. Self-confidence
  2. Immunity to criticism
  3. How to speak on camera
  4. What subjects people enjoy
  5. How to overcome your fears

Turns out Instagram isn’t the place for me (at this moment).

But I took my new confidence to LinkedIn and this newsletter. Now both of those channels are working for me:

  1. Found more clients
  2. Developed a brand voice
  3. Networking opportunities
  4. Learned copywriting skills
  5. Improved conversion rates

So how does this apply to you?

Here are 7 lessons from my journey, that you can use in your own life:

  1. People aren’t judging you
  2. Post content to find clients
  3. People care less than you think
  4. Post content to build confidence
  5. Social media is a useful skill to learn
  6. Posting online develops brand identity
  7. Creating content creates opportunities

But if you never post anything, you’ll never get any benefits.

Stop scrolling. Start posting.

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