why 90% of entrepreneurs fail (and how to avoid it)

Most entrepreneurs fail because of fear.

You have a good business idea. You deliver great service.

But you can’t find clients.

Because you’re too scared to do sales. And your marketing is boring.

So nobody knows you exist, or they don’t believe in your product.

But this post is going to solve your problem.

It will change your attitude around sales and marketing.

So here’s the 3 mindset shifts you need (to start getting clients)

1. Not selling is unethical

You have a great service. One that can solve a lot of problems

You want to help people because you’re a good person.

But the people who need help don’t know your product exists.

So you need to tell them about it. By calling or messaging them.

But when you cold DM them they’re resistant. Or sometimes annoyed.

Does this mean you quit? No.

Does this mean your product sucks? No.

It’s not about you.

It’s about them.

People are always resistant to change. They don’t like asking for help.

But they need help. And they need it from you, because you have the solution.

So it’s unethical of you not to sell them the solution.

You can change their life. So you need to do everything in your power to make that happen.

So go out and help them now.

2. People buy from people.

I used to be scared of sharing my story online.

  • What if people are rude
  • What if I don’t get any likes
  • What if I look ugly in the photo

So I posted generic content. And it got no engagement (or sales).

Because people don’t buy from robots.

They don’t like fake content. They hate boring messages.

People buy from people.

So stop the filters. Say goodbye to ChatGPT content.

Start posting real life experiences.

I promise it works.

People message me saying ‘I really liked your story, you come across warm and genuine.’

They can get generic ‘how to’ content from Google.

But they can only get your story from you.

3. Do more marketing.

I recently jumped on a networking call with another coach.

She can’t get clients.

So I asked her: ‘How much marketing are you doing?’

Her response ‘I schedule 2 hours for marketing every Friday’

When I started my coaching business, I did marketing and sales 8 hours per day.

If you don’t have clients, what else is there to do?

90% of entrepreneurs aren’t doing enough marketing.

Because they’re scared of rejection. They’re scared of sharing their story.

But unless you’re putting yourself out there, you’ll never grow a business.

Stop letting fear destroy your business.

Start spending 80% of your time on marketing.

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