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Circle of influence

“Tell me who your friends are, and I will tell you who you are.” – Johann Wolfgang
von Goethe

Your circle of influence impacts your decisions. And most of you don’t realise it’s

Because you live most of your life on autopilot. Living mindlessly and instinctively.

This leaves you open to manipulation.

You conform with the world around you – rather than making thoughtful decisions.

Here’s a few examples of how you are influenced. How many of these can you relate

  • An influencer promoting a brand leads you to make a purchase
  • Junk food advertising convinces you to eat
  • You feel left out if you don’t drink when on a night out with friends
  • No one in your house exercises so you don’t bother either
  • You want to go to bed early but your partner convinces you to watch a late night

All of these actions are contrary to your goals. But you do them anyway.

You are convinced to act against your beliefs.

I have felt the same way before.

My previous social circle had a negative influence on me.

My friends drank heavily on the weekend. And often during the week as well.

None of them went to the gym. They all played video games.

Nobody was trying to improve. Working a boring 9-5 and living only for the weekend
was normal.

This was my life as well.

I was suffering – but I did not realise why.

I wondered why I was so discontent. And anxious most of the time.

It’s because I was not achieving my goals. Or doing the things I love.

I was conforming to a miserable existence.

This path leads to a life of despair.

A life devoid of purpose and meaning.

One that ends in regret about the things you should have done.

You have to get off this ride. It leads nowhere fun.

I managed to change my life.

But first I had to change my circle of influence.

It was not easy. But it delivered me to a life of progress and passion.

Here’s my life now:

  • Healthy relationships with people who support my goals
  • Winning mentality spurred by my friends and associates
  • Motivated to be the best version of myself
  • Positive lifestyle choices are natural
  • Feel proud of my life choices

I’m not saying every day is rainbows and butterflies.

But I am saying life is awesome now. Especially considering what it was like before.

I know you can make this shift. And it’s not complicated.

There are only 3 things you need to change.

Here they are:

1) Unfollow negative social media influences

This is so impactful. And takes minimal effort. It’s the definition of ‘low hanging fruit’.

You look at social media multiple times per day. And get influenced every time.

So why not make that influence positive?

Unfollow everyone who shares a message that does not align with your goals.

Here’s a few examples of people you will unfollow:

  • Sharing only materialistic posts
  • Promoting products you should buy
  • Accounts tempting you with junk food
  • Political accounts designed to make you frustrated
  • Anyone trying to get followers by showing too much skin

Clearing out the rubbish removes frustration and temptation.

2) Follow positive social media influences

You need to connect with people achieving success.

They provide a source of motivation. And give you ideas on how to improve.

Follow people on social media that share your goals. People who are achieving your

Here’s some of the types of people you will start following:

  • Posting motivational exercise activity
  • Promoting healthy diet and lifestyle
  • Educational content that gives you ideas
  • Experts in your field of work
  • Anyone in your social network that shares your values

Now you will open up social media and feel determined.

3) Change your relationship with friends and family

The people closest to you have the biggest impact on your behaviour.

They must be supporting you to do well. And striving to improve their own lives.

This creates a positive growth environment.

You don’t have to stop speaking to negative family members.

But you need to distance yourself from them. Especially if they have a strong
influence on how you feel.

Stop speaking to them every day. Start calling them once a week.

Your social circle should reflect your goals and values.

Create a friendship group of positive influences.

Gravitate towards high achievers. Learn from them.

They will pull you up. And you will be part of a successful tribe.

4) Change your surroundings

It’s hard to follow a diet with a kitchen full of cookies.

Your surroundings are everything.

Negative temptations must be removed. Their gravitational pull is too strong.

Create a clean workspace. Free from distractions.

Make positive habits easy – by making them unavoidable.

Here are some simple changes you can make now:

  • Only keep healthy food at home
  • Leave your gym clothes out so you notice them
  • Have a tidy office space
  • Remove clutter from your house

You now have surroundings that promote success.

Every aspect of your life is supporting you. Progress is inevitable.

You will become a product of your new environment. A winner.

These changes are simple. And the results are massive.

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