How to Grow Your Business 6x Faster

I grew my business 6x faster

The average business takes 3 years to become profitable.

That’s a long time if you’ve just quit your 9-5.

But what if you don’t want to wait that long?

You don’t have to. But you will need to be ultra productive.

So I’ve been working with entrepreneurs for 5 years now.

And I see the same problem resurface over and over.

I’ve also suffered from this issue.

I’ll explain with a story:

So I used to be someone who took a long time to order coffee.

Starbucks can seem overwhelming.

I’d get to the front of the queue and look at the menu.

Should I get the iced macchiato or a latte with caramel syrup?

Grande or vente?

Do I want a muffin? Or maybe a sandwich?

Too many options.

It’s easy to spend 5 minutes standing at the counter.

But one day I came to a realisation:

“I would save a lot of time if I made faster decisions”.

It doesn’t sound like mind-blowing stuff. But it was to me.

So I applied this thinking to my business.

And saw rapid growth in 6 months.

I took my coaching company from 0-33 clients in that time.

By making decisions.

Why does making faster decisions 6x your business growth?

I’ve been coaching entrepreneurs and executives for 5 years now.

So what have I learned?

The most common reason for procrastination is indecision.

It’s not lack of knowledge. It’s lack of clarity.

Here’s what happens when you don’t make quick decisions:

  • Procrastinate over what task to complete
  • Ruminate about what decision to make
  • End up focussing on lower priority tasks
  • Progress is slow

You can’t take action until you decide.

So it takes you a long time to become profitable.

Why decision making takes too long

Fear is a big driver of indecision.

You’re scared of the result. So you take no action.

But here’s the thing about business decisions:

They’re almost always reversible.

So there are no bad decisions.

There are good decisions. And there are learning experiences.

I’m not saying some decisions aren’t big.

But we build them up to be bigger than they really are.

That’s called being human. And it’s emotion.

We need to remove the emotions from decision making.

And be objective.

So how do you make faster decisions

I’ve worked on this for a long time.

And implemented strategies that work. For myself and others.

Here’s the things you need to do:

1) Stop wasting time on decisions that don’t matter

It doesn’t matter which coffee you choose. Or what you have for dinner.

It’s not important. But it’s taking up brain space.

So you need to speed up these decisions.

There are 1000’s of these every day.

Some are subconscious. Others are far too conscious.

But they take up time. And fatigue your mind.

Make these decisions easier by automating them.

I’ve found food and drink choices become easy if you are consistent.

I always order an americano. I eat the same meals most days.

It might sound boring to you. But it eliminates a decision.

And I would rather make progress. Than worry about things that don’t matter.

2) Make important decisions early in the day

Decision fatigue is real.

The average adult makes 35,000 decisions per day.

And it’s hard to make good decisions when you’re tired.

Therefore you don’t want to decide anything after a long day.

So making important decisions early in the day is a growth hack.

And it sets you up for a productive day.

Because you will know exactly what you’re doing.

3) Write down your decisions

It’s hard to be objective about an idea in your head.

You must get it out.

The first step is writing it down.

This is useful for big decisions:

  1. Write down the options
  2. Write down the most likely outcome underneath each option
  3. Note how much each option will cost
  4. Include which option you would enjoy the most

Seeing this on paper builds objectivity.

Then you can detach. And make a business decision.

4) You need objective opinion

You get stuck in your own head.

Thinking about problems. And trying to solve them with decisions.

But you’re rarely objective.

You’re often emotional.

You’re human.

Getting outside perspective resolves this issue.

But not just someone telling you what to do.

Because you already have the answers.

Instead you need a line of questioning that leads you to a solution.

So you can gain clarity and take action.

This is called coaching. And I know it works.

Not only because I have a coaching company.

But because I have been receiving business coaching for years.

And it’s the reason I’ve made rapid progress.

Because it helps me make decisions.

I know that using this advice will grow your business 6x faster.

Don’t be afraid. Remember:

There’s no right or wrong.

There’s succeeding or learning.

But either way you’re making progress.

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