How to Grow Your Busines (By Helping Your Competitors!)

Grow your Business

Life is a competition.

It is a “dog eat dog” world, and everyone is standing in the way
of your success.

You must push them down so you can rise to the top.

That is the modern mentality.

This behaviour is based on low self-esteem. You feel better about yourself when
others are losing.

That means they are worse than you. So you win – and therefore your ego is

But this is perception. You are not better than anyone else. This is a world of

And the definition of ‘winning’ is subjective. So you only won in your eyes.

This behaviour causes you to be distracted.

You spend more time worrying about others than yourself.

This is time you could have spent growing your business.

But you wasted it tearing down somebody else.

This is not a sustainable mindset. Because you will have more enemies than friends.

I am speaking from experience because I used to be this way.

My first business was an affiliate marketing blog. My aim was to write product
reviews, and get them to rank on google.

My income was dependent on Google rankings. And it was a competitive space.

There were many websites in my niche. Competing for the same search terms.

I still know them by name. That is how much time I spent thinking about them.

I would spend hours looking at their websites. Tearing them down in my mind.

Calling them frauds. Considering reporting them to Google so they would get

I needed them to lose, so I could win.

But that had a negative impact on my business. And my life.

Here is why:

  • I wasted time worrying about them. When I could have been improving my own
  • I suffered mental stress. That caused me to feel anxious and frustrated.
  • I missed out on the chance to collaborate with them.
  • I started to hate my work. Even though it was my dream job.
  • I was taking this attitude into other areas of my life. Everything was a

This is not a sustainable way of running a business. Or a life.

And I saw a decline. It was not sustainable.

I know I am not alone. You have had these thoughts before.

Because social comparison is a human trait.

Humans care about how they are doing in relation to others.

More than just doing well themselves.

Comparison is the thief of joy

I eventually learned to overcome my frustration towards others.

And life has been better since.

I do not care about what my competitors are doing.

And I actively help them as much as possible.

The world is abundant.

We can win together.

We are more likely to win if we work together.

Here’s why:

  • You can learn from your competitors.
  • Productivity increases when you focus on yourself.
  • You can refer clients to each other.
  • You will feel part of a team – pulling in the same direction.
  • Helping others reduces the anxiety of entrepreneurship.
  • More opportunities come your way. Because you have a good reputation.

Since starting to help others. My life is 10x better.

It still do market research. But I do not hold resentment against others.

The business changes have been great. But the mental health benefits are more

  • Less anxiety
  • Less stress
  • Less fear about the future
  • Less frustration towards others
  • More present with my colleagues
  • More friends

But to get here I needed to change my outlook.

My world view became one of positivity. I now see people as good.

And I am willing to help them be better.

You can also make this change.

See your life and business progress.

I will give you the steps to make that happen:

1) Understand your motivation

Awareness is the first step towards change.

You need to understand a problem in order to find a solution.

Journalling is the best way to get the answer.

Pen to paper is more powerful than thoughts alone.

Write about what you are feeling when you think about your competitors.

Picture them in your head, and record the emotions that come up.

Here are some common feelings:

  • Low self-esteem
  • Jealousy
  • Insecurity
  • Fear
  • Scarcity mindset
  • Unfounded belief

You now have a list of character flaws.

Take this list and make each point into its own heading.

Now write down bullet point reasons why you feel this this.

Are you having low self-esteem due to a relationship issue?

Do you have fear based on past financial trauma?

Knowing the underlying reasons behind these feelings helps you address the root

Maybe you can take some action to address these issues.

Or maybe being aware is enough.

That is for you to decide.

2) Discover empathy.

Put yourself in someone else’s shoes.

You do not know their story.

You might think you do. But you do not.

They behave a certain way for a reason.

It is based on their life view. And past experiences.

You need to see the world from their view. So you can understand where they are
coming from.

Pick your biggest 3 competitors. Ones that frustrate you the most.

Now write a paragraph about each one. What their life is like.

Include details about their daily life, struggles and aspirations.

You will not write about how they are thinking of you all day. Because they are not.

They have their own lives. They are supporting a family, earning a living, trying to be

Thinking about this will uncover feelings of empathy.

And you will want them to succeed.

3) Celebrate their success.

Being happy when other people win is essential.

You are in this together. When they win, you win.

And you need to show them. So they know you are helping them.

This step requires action.

You will actively celebrate the success of others. With them.

This can be done with social media.

Start leaving positive comments on their posts.

Reach out to them and thank them for adding value to your industry.

Acknowledge their success and try learn from them.

Listening to people adds value to them. And they will appreciate you.

You will start collaborating. So you can share success.

Everyone wins.

Taking these steps resets your relationship with Business. And the world around you.

You might feel resistant to making this change. Or it may not apply to you at the
moment. That is fine.

Take the steps you need to take. Know you are going to a better place.

There is enough to go around.

You can have your cake, and let them eat it too.

Do not stay trapped in a vortex of comparison.

That stunts your growth. And stops you from reaching your goals.

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