How to Achieve Your Goals (Make Positive Things Interesting)

How to achieve your goals

Everybody wants to reduce the amount of time they spend scrolling social media.

“I know what I need to do. But I get distracted by my phone”

You need to spend less time scrolling. It does not move you closer to your goals.

Yet you keep doing it.

But why do you do it?

Because you enjoy it. That’s why.

Social media is designed to be enjoyable. Looking at hilarious videos online is fun.

You cannot deny that.

So you keep going back for more. Because that’s what you enjoy doing.

It is the same story with video games and television. These activities provide more
pleasure than work and exercise.

This has a disastrous impact on your life. You waste the precious time you have on
earth looking at your co-worker’s holiday photos.

When you should be building your dream business or participating in outdoor

“Time flies when you’re having fun”

Have you noticed how quickly the hours pass when you are scrolling on your

Clearly you enjoy it.

I resonate with your situation. I have been in your shoes before.

Get home from work, sit on the sofa and stare at a screen.

Suddenly another evening gone and nothing has been achieved.

I lived in that loop for a long time. This is how it impacted my life:

1) I was stuck in a job I was not passionate about

The only way I could get out of my boring 9-5 was by working in the evenings.

I needed to study, and build my own business. But staring at screens took priority.

This is a robotic life. Never being challenged, never pursuing dreams.

Existing, not living.

2) I was becoming isolated

Socialising in the evenings was rare. Sitting on the sofa was appealing – and going
out takes effort.

An evening at home staring at a screen was routine.

“It is normal to have less friends and stay at home more when you get older”

Here are the things I did:

1. Work
2. Eat
3. Scroll
4. Sleep
5. Repeat

This is not fulfilling.

3) I was out of shape

Skipping the gym to play video games does not make you look good.

Weight gain is easy when you spend too much time on the sofa.

My body fat increased.

Mindless snacking becomes normal when you are watching a TV series.

Continuing down this path is not sustainable.

You will lose your health and friends. You will regret not following your dreams

But what if you don’t want to dedicate your life to staring at a screen?

You don’t have to. But you need to find something you enjoy more.

This is about switching attention.

Turning off the games console, and turning on your passion projects.

I have made this switch and my life has improved dramatically.

Here’s how things are for me now:

1) I work full time on my passion

I love working. It is my hobby.

Most people follow the money. I follow the things I enjoy, and the money follows me.

I enjoy working more than scrolling on social media. So that’s what I do with most of
my time.

A 12 hour day of ‘work’ feels like a holiday. Because I love what I do.

This work output breeds success. And enjoying your job delivers progress.

You won’t get disappointed by setbacks – because you would be doing this even if
you weren’t getting paid.

2) Exercise is not a chore

I want to work out. I love it.

I exercise for 10 hours per week. And take over 10,000 steps per day.

But none of that feels like effort. There is no discipline involved.

I am doing exactly what I want to do – and that happens to be aligned with my goals.

3) I have loads of energy

Overcoming mental resistance is tiring.

I have boundless energy because I am not forcing myself to do things I hate.

Tiredness is often a mental state.

How often have you felt exhausted, but still been able to stay awake watching a

That’s because you still have energy left to do things you enjoy. And the movie is

Do things you love and your energy levels will be high.

Make positive things interesting

I did not transform by accident.

There is a journey of self-discovery you need to take.

You can transform the things you enjoy. So doing positive things becomes your

You will not use willpower.

You will be doing the things you enjoy. No mental effort required.

Here are the steps you take to get there:

1) Discover what you enjoy

You have forgotten what you enjoy. This is not what you think you enjoy. But what
actually lights your fire.

It helps to think back to when you were a kid. What are the passions you had then.

“The things we love as children are not childish; they are the foundation of our
passions as adults.” – Fred Rogers

Make a list of the passions you once had.

One of these projects will make the foundation of your life’s work. So be thorough –
omit nothing.

2) Discover how to make the things you need to do more enjoyable

There are tasks in life that you must complete. Life admin and exercise are two

You must find a way to make these tasks more enjoyable than screen time.

What type of exercise do you love? You can refer back to your list of childhood

Some tasks may never be enjoyable. But are absolutely necessary.

Like doing your taxes. Can you outsource this?

Hiring a VA for these tasks is cost effective. And this is stealing your mental energy.

You should be focussing on engaging activities instead.

3) Start working on your passion projects

Stop thinking, start doing.

Ideas without action are just thoughts. You need to do something.

If you love your passion project enough you will start doing it immediately.

Because you do the things you enjoy most in life.

But what if you still cannot get motivated to build one of the passions on your list?

You should create another list. Because the one you made was not sufficient.

Your passion is not social media scrolling. That is not the thing you enjoy most in life.

So you need to keep searching.

You will know when you find your passion – because you will start doing it without

Follow these steps to build a better life now.

You should be doing the things you love every day. You owe it to yourself.

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