Here’s why 99% of entrepreneurs fail (and how to avoid it)

Over the last 4 years, I’ve worked with 154+ entrepreneurs.

Their biggest problem?

Wasting time on sh*t that doesn’t matter.

  1. Micromanaging
  2. Social media scrolling
  3. Unnecessary meetings
  4. Endless email checking
  5. Changing fonts and logos
  6. Beautiful Notion databases

You’re busy, but not productive.

Because those tasks don’t grow your business.

Instead, spend 4 hours every morning doing stuff that guarantees growth.

  1. Sending cold DMs
  2. Quality social media posts
  3. Going to networking events
  4. Sending an email newsletter
  5. Engaging with your community

Sounds simple. But most entrepreneurs aren’t doing these tasks.

Why? Because it’s hard.

  • Sales is hard.
  • Posting is hard.
  • Networking is hard.
  • Communicating is hard.

So you choose the easy tasks, and avoid the struggle.

But guess what?

Without struggle, your business will die.

It’s supposed to be hard. You must get out of your comfort zone.

So here’s a tip – and I’ve seen it work with 100’s of business owners:

Time block 4 hours every morning to work on growth tasks.

Leave your phone in the other room. Turn off notifications, and turn on your motivation.

Because if you do growth tasks for 4 hours each day, you will:

  1. Work less hours
  2. Earn more money
  3. Feel accomplished
  4. Grow a big business

Stop wasting time on sh*t that doesn’t matter.

Start using your morning to do tasks that make money.

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