How to Earn $70k/Year on Fiverr (step-by-step instructions)

How to make money on Fiverr

You can earn sh*t loads of money on Fiverr.

It’s a great place to meet hot leads. People are ready to buy your service immediately.

It’s free marketing on a platform where your ideal customer lives.

But it’s oversaturated. So most business owners never find any customers.

But it’s possible to stand out from the crowd, and start finding 100’s of new clients.

I’ve done it myself. So now I’m giving you the 5-step process to earn $5k/month on Fiverr.

1. Pick a niche.

Picking the right niche determines your success.

You must pick a niche where:

• You have experience

• You have qualifications

• You can 100% deliver great service

If you don’t have formal qualifications, don’t worry (I’ll explain in a later step).

I chose the coaching niche. Because I am a coach (obviously).

Once you’ve selected your niche, it’s time for step 2…

2. Build a profile

Your profile is your ad. If it’s crap, nobody will contact you.

Here’s how I built a profile that gets clicks, step-by-step:



  1. Use a clear headshot. Taken with an iPhone camera (or equivalent).
  2. Use Canva or Photoshop to add a coloured background to the image. It makes you stand out.
  3. Add a shadow or outline around you, so your headshot stands out from the background colour.

Name and Tagline

  1. Use your real name. Don’t make it complicated.
  2. Create a tagline saying exactly what you help people achieve.

About section

  1. Explain your certifications/qualifications
  2. Talk about how long you have been working in your niche
  3. Include your niche-relevant work experience
  4. Include your passion for the service you deliver
  5. Explain what results you are getting for your clients right now

Skills section

Include as many skill categories as possible. But make sure they’re all niche-relevant.

3. Build a gig

If you create the wrong gig, nobody knows you exist.

Here’s my gig, and exactly how I created it to land me 25 clicks/day:

Gig title

Search for other gigs in your niche. You’ll see they all include the same key words. This is important for SEO.

In my gig, I want the keywords ‘life coach’ and ‘accountability coach’. That’s what people search for.

Gig pricing

Create a ‘Basic’ level gig that is very affordable. This is the price seen on the search page (before they click), so you want to stand out as excellent value for money.

Then, you can upsell clients into premium pricing after they contact you.

About this gig

Here’s exactly what you need to include in your gig copy:

  • Who is this gig for? Call them out with ‘do you fall into this categories?’ – then list common pain points
  • Say you have a unique system/framework
  • Explain exactly what outcome/result they will receive
  • Include your credentials/experience/qualifications (credibility)

Gig video

An engaging video will 10x your customer enquiries.

Most freelancers have no video, or a sh*t video.

A quality video makes you genuine. People buy into you, and then pay for your service.

Your video should include:

  • Who you are
  • What you do
  • Who you have helped
  • What outcome they will achieve
  • An offer for a free consultation (CTA)

Spending $30 for someone to edit your video is a good investment. It gets you clicks.

4. Apply for Pro Verification

Pro verification gets you 100’s of new clients.

You will always be at the top of the search rankings.

Fill out the form on the Fiverr Pro application page. Include proof of relevant certifications, or evidence of your experience working with big companies.

It will get your more results. But if you can’t become a pro, don’t worry, Fiverr is still a good place to be. You just need more testimonials…

5. Get testimonials

Without testimonials, nobody will click on your gig.

Here’s how to get started:

  • Get 5 of your current clients to buy your gig. Request a 5* review.


  • Price your gig so cheap people buy. Work for testimonials, not money.

Make sure the testimonials are genuine, well written, and personal.

My clients say to me “your testimonials were inspiring and genuine, so I chose you”.

Crappy fake testimonials won’t grow your business.

5. Be patient

Going from $0-5k/month takes 1 year.

That’s $70k/year from one source. Not bad.

You only need to spend 3 hours setting up a profile. And you get 100’s of customers.

That’s ROI on your time.

Now it’s time to take action.

Follow the steps in this post. And if you get stuck, message me your questions and I’ll help you.

Best of luck,


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