How to Overcome Fear of Failure (3 Step Process)

how to overcome fear of failure

There’s too types of people in life:

  1. People who fail today.
  2. People who fail later in life.

Because if you don’t try, you’ll regret it.

Being 80 years old with a head full of regrets is true failure.

So here’s how to overcome fear of failure (so you can take action today):

1. Look at the bigger picture

Most things don’t matter.

Imagine your worst nightmares:

→ You post content and get no likes
→ You run the ads but get no conversions
→ You make a sales pitch and they don’t buy

How much does that matter in the order of life?

These actions are life-threatening. The world will keep spinning.

Stop worrying so much.

2. Mistakes aren’t devastating

99% of mistakes are reversible.

Even if it kills your business, you’ll build another one.

→ Content sucks? Get better
→ Client left? Find some more
→ Ads failed? Choose another strategy

Stop focusing on the problem.

  1. Make mistakes.
  2. Learn from them.
  3. Create the solution.

3. Look at the alternative

People take action when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of making the change.

→ Do you want to stay in this position forever?

Growth requires risk. Risk leads to failure.

But failure leads to growth.

Get unstuck. Get out of your comfort zone.

Put yourself out there to fail, knowing it’s the path to success.

Take calculated risks

I’m not saying to spend all your savings on ads. Or make reckless hiring decisions.

Build a safety net. Make decisions with risk. Hope for the best, but expect the worst.

Entrepreneurs make terrible decisions all the time.

But you only need a few great decisions to change your life.

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