How to be Objective in Business

how to be objective in business

I love my business.

It’s my life. I work all the time. I enjoy what I do.

But it’s a f*cking rollercoaster.

Because I want my clients to win. I want my business to grow. I want to help 1000’s of people.

This can be a superpower.

Caring about my clients sets my product apart. Caring about business growth drives me to work 80 hour weeks.

But there’s a dark side to this level of passion…

When passion kills your business

I get excited by everything:

  • Sales calls
  • Client wins
  • New clients
  • New opportunities

This causes high energy and intense emotion.

But this leaves me exposed.

Because you’ll get let down all the time:

  • Client stops performing
  • Sales call doesn’t convert
  • New client turns into a handful
  • Promising opportunity doesn’t work out

Your energy tanks. You wonder why you’re doing this. You contemplate quitting.

Until the next win comes around…

→ This emotional rollercoaster is dangerous.

It causes emotional decision-making.

You take on too much work. You quit projects too soon. You put your faith in others.

But emotional decision making is the killer…

The power of detachment

“You are your business…” – The tagline of most passionate founders.

But that’s not great for your business, or for you.

Because business is full of wins and losses. If your energy follows them, you’re destined for burnout.

Here’s the lesson you must learn:

→ You are NOT your business.

Learn to detach. Look at your business like a company. Be the CEO, not the owner.

Here’s how…

Zoom out and be objective

The day-to-day will ALWAYS have wins and losses.

Clients come and go. Sales calls convert or don’t. The business makes profit or loss.

Don’t get sucked into the micro wins/losses.

→ Zoom out.

Judge business performance in months and years – not days and weeks.

You’ll see your upwards trajectory, and realise that one bad day is just a blip. In 1 year, you won’t even remember it.

That’s the power of objectivity.

→ Protects your mindset
→ Helps with decision making
→ Provides comfort that you’re winning.

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