How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

Over the last 4 years, I’ve worked 100+ hours per week.

During that time, I’ve built:

  1. This newsletter
  2. YouTube channel
  3. LinkedIn following
  4. Blogging business
  5. Coaching business

I’ve done all of that, while also:

  • Buying a house
  • Studying a degree
  • Taking 10+ holidays
  • Making investments
  • Regularly socializing
  • Cooking healthy meals
  • Moving country 4 times
  • Exercising 2 hours per day

I’m not superhuman. But I’ve got a high tolerance for overwhelm.

Because most people get stressed out when spinning so many plates.

They can’t deal with so much going on, and they react by:

  • Not responding to messages
  • Avoiding doing hard things
  • Procrastinating on Netflix
  • Drinking and eating crap

But this is the worst way to deal with overwhelm.

Because situations get out of control, and you make no progress.

So, this behavior leads to:

  • Overweight
  • No customers
  • Low self-esteem
  • Not enough money
  • Damaged relationships

Trust me, I’ve been there.

I spent my 20’s being overwhelmed by life.

I left school at 18 with no qualifications. I found the job market (and life) overwhelming.

So I did what most people do:

  • Avoid hard work
  • No ambitious goals
  • Loads of crappy jobs
  • Always skip workouts
  • Get drunk on the weekend
  • 4 hours of video games per day
  • Blame everyone else for my problems

But that behavior made me anxious.

I knew I was wasting my life. But the thought of fixing it was overwhelming.

I got out of that situation by switching my mindset.

I decided that I: “Don’t do overwhelm”.

Because overwhelm is a feeling. You are in control. You can choose to feel it or not.

So today, you have a choice. Are you going to:

a) Go into overwhelm and hide from your responsibilities.


b) Refuse to be overwhelmed and be limitless.

The choice is yours.

Oh, and here’s a bonus tip:

Live one day at a time.

If you look at a huge list of things you need to do, it’s going to be overwhelming.

So make a plan for each day, with a list of tasks you need to do, and stick to it.

Forget tomorrow. Just focus on today.

P.s. one more thing:

If you want to develop a strong mindset so you can:

  • Be focused
  • Get in shape
  • Be consistent
  • Be disciplined
  • Build resilience
  • Build a business
  • Crush your goals

Then join 37 people just like you who are currently enrolled in our coaching program.

Here is a link to a free initial call:

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