Is Starting a Business Riskier Than Getting a Job?

Ever heard the term ‘stable 9-5 job’ before?

I have. Because like you, I was conditioned to believe that working for a company was the ‘safe’ option…

“Most businesses fail”

“Entrepreneurship is risky”

You could lose everything”

All of those statements are true.

But is starting a business riskier than getting a job?

I would argue no. And here’s why…

The myth of the ‘stable 9-5’

The world is about to go through exponential change.

If you’re reading this, I hope you understand the changes taking place in the workplace.

We are 3-4 years away from artificial general intelligence.

We are 5 years away from functioning humanoid robots.

The world as everyone knows it will vanish. This will be especially visible in the workforce.

In fact, it already is.

Amazon currently has 750,000 robots working in their warehouses.

Google is cutting 30,000 jobs this year to focus on AI.

Not only that, but it’s predicted that AI will result in 400-800million job losses by 2030.

So if you’re reading this, it’s likely your job is at risk. That doesn’t sound stable to me..

But AI isn’t the biggest problem…

9-5ers Are Not Self-Sufficient

When you work for a company, you’re part of a structure.

You know how to play the corporate game. Focus on your area of expertise. Angle for a promotion.

But do you know how to make money in the real world?

Probably not. So you’re dependent on your company…

But in a world of job cuts, being dependent on your boss isn’t a good idea.

Because when your job gets cut, will you find another one in this climate? Not likely.

What makes matters worse is you don’t have the skills to make money for yourself.

So how do you get paid? Most likely through the government’s impending Universal Basic Income system.

Then you’re screwed.

Because they will decide your income. But it gets even worse…

That income will be given in the form of a digital currency, which is fully controlled by the government. So they can cut you off when you say something online they don’t like…

Okay, this might sound tinfoil hat to the average zombie. But isn’t it time to wake up now?

Why Starting a Business is Urgent

If I haven’t already convinced you to start a business, you can stop reading now.

But for those thinking about it (or who already have), let’s discuss the benefits.

The skills of business are transferrable to any industry.

No matter what you sell, you need to:

  • Do sales
  • Do marketing
  • Build a website
  • Design a strategy
  • Deal with recruitment

Once you have these skills, you can always make money.

Even if your business fails, you can start a new one. Your income is in your hands.

But here’s why it’s urgent in 2024…

You have 4 years to make something.

Because after that, with the advancements in technology, you might be left behind.

Imagine an artificially intelligent being – who is smarter than every human combined.

They can:

  • Make any business
  • Solve every problem
  • Play on human emotion
  • Read any financial market

How do you compete with that?

That’s a problem I can’t solve. You probably can’t either.

So that’s why it’s urgent.

You’ve got 4 years to build something and make loads of money. Before it’s too late.

Stop waiting. Start building.

Now is the time.

Ready, set, go!

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