The 3-Step Planning Framework for Max Business Growth

Over the last 4 years, I’ve coached 170+ business owners.

The biggest reason they fail?

Working on the wrong tasks.

They have no idea how to schedule their time…or they’re not scheduling at all.

But without a daily plan, you’ll be at the mercy of your emotions:

  • Choosing easy tasks
  • Getting overwhelmed
  • Avoiding sales activity
  • Never feeling accomplished

Does that sound successful to you? I didn’t think so.

But the problem is most business owners don’t know how to plan.

So to help you earn more money (and work less hours), I’m going to give you the tools to do it yourself.

An important rule: Plan the week in advance

The first rule is to plan in advance.

Most business owners make a plan in the morning. But this is a fatal mistake.

Because you’ll be led by emotions. You’ll do the work you feel like doing on that day, rather than what’s required.

So if you had a bad night’s sleep, you’ll choose to:

  • Scroll social
  • Do boring admin
  • Make 5 cups of coffee
  • Keep checking your emails

But we all know that’s not how you grow a business.

Don’t be a slave to your feelings. Plan in advance.

The 3-Step Planning Framework

1. Task Identification

Some tasks grow your business more than others.

If your primary goal is to get more customers, the highest-impact tasks include:

  • Sales calls
  • Social posts
  • Cold outreach
  • Networking calls
  • Running ad campaigns

Look at the goals you have, and identify 3 tasks that will get you there in the shortest time.

Now you’ve identified the highest-impact tasks, it’s time for step 2…

2. Time blocking

Knowing what to do is one thing. Doing it is another.

To give yourself the best chance, you must block time for business growth.

Look at your calendar, and block 2 hours each morning for high-impact tasks.

Why the morning?

Because these tasks are the priority. If you do them first, it’s guaranteed they’ll get done.

Do not allow yourself to check emails, messages, or social until after this time block.

If you do these 2 hours of sales each morning, imagine how much progress you would make.

3. Get accountability

The problem with working for yourself is nobody gives a sh*t if you show up or not.

It’s easy to skip time-blocks because you don’t feel like it. Nobody is holding you accountable.

But you can’t do it all on your own. You need someone to go on the journey with you.

Working within an accountability framework will keep you on task.

But don’t just believe me…

Studies show that writing down your goals and submitting progress reports increases goal achievement by 78%.

That’s why we developed our Power Player system, which includes:

  • Business advice
  • Daily progress updates
  • Shared calendar scheduling
  • High-impact tasks with deadlines

To learn how it would work in your business, here’s a link to book a free walkthrough call:

Otherwise, make sure you keep planning.

Because in the words of Warren Buffet:

“An idiot with a plan can beat a genius without a plan”

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