How to Overcome Fear of Failure (4 Step Process)

How to overcome fear for failure

31% of people have a fear of failure.

This statistic is based on a LinkedIn survey. I feel like the real figure is higher.

Fear of failure stops you from doing difficult things. And that is a problem.

Because the things in life worth doing are difficult. Sports, entrepreneurship, study,
content creation, public speaking.

You are scared of these things because you might fail. You would not have fear if
you were 100% sure you will succeed.

But a life without doing difficult things lacks purpose.

So you end up stuck in a loop.

Never being challenged, never learning, never failing.

This is a vicious cycle. One that most people are in.

Life puts pressure on you to succeed. You would “lose everything” if you started your
dream business and failed.

And that would be embarrassing. Because you fear being judged.

It would be embarrassing if you are the worst player on the team. Or say the wrong
thing at a presentation.

So you do not try.

This is a life that lacks progress. It is boring. You cannot fulfil your potential this way.

Embrace failure. Be successful.

Failure is a scary word.

It means trying and not succeeding.

It does not mean you will never succeed. It means you did not win this time.

But you have a better chance of winning next time. Because you will learn from your

So if you never fail, how will you learn?

You can learn by watching other people succeed. And that works to some extent. But
it is not as powerful.

Think about it. Could you learn to swim by reading a book? No.

The best way to learn how to swim is get in the water. You will make mistakes, and
then figure it out eventually.

So what makes other life ambitions different?

Most people learn to swim as kids. And kids are not scared of judgement. They do
not care about making mistakes. So they learn faster.

More mistakes = more learning opportunities.

Until you stop caring what other people think. You will be too afraid to fail.

And you will never learn.

Start failing today. Enjoy success sooner.

You have to fail if you want to succeed. There is no alternative.

People rarely win the lottery with their first ticket. They have already played many
times before.

Start playing the game sooner so you can speed up success. You are wasting time if
you are not trying.

By starting to make mistakes now, you will:

  • Get to your goal faster
  • Learn new skills quickly
  • Escape the boring routine
  • Have meaning and purpose
  • Be successful

The power is in your hands. You need to take action.

Your growth will be stunted until you take this journey.

Here is how you can start using failure to build success:

1) Identify the things you are passionate about

I am passionate about passion projects.

Because too many people are stuck in routines.

Being stuck in a loop makes you forget what you are passionate about.

I have been there before:

1. Work
2. Eat
3. Scroll
4. Sleep
5. Repeat

Does that sound familiar to you?

This routine leaves no brain space for passion. No time to think about what you

You are at the mercy of advertising and influencers.

You need to detach from modern life to understand what you want.

Sit in silence. And write down a list of the 10 things you are most passionate about.

How many of them are you doing?

There will be things on this list that you are able to do. But you are not doing them
because you are scared of failing.

Identify which items they are.

This becomes your new list of passion projects.

2) Choose the passion to pursue

Look at your list and pick the lowest risk activity. The one that does not impact your
life if you fail.

This could be going to the gym. Or starting a blog.

Failing at this activity will cost you time. And nothing more.

You perceive it will cost you dignity and respect. But that is a limiting belief.

You only need to choose one item now. You can attack the rest when you are more

3) Start doing your passion

Actions speak louder than words.

Start doing your chosen passion. Make it easy. Start small.

You do not need to overcomplicate things. This is not about winning.

This is about doing the thing.

The goal is to complete the task that you are afraid of. Not to do the task well.

The outcome is irrelevant. The only thing that matters is the action.

Here is why doing the activity helps:

  • You build a habit of doing something new
  • You gain confidence that you can do something
  • You break free from your routine
  • You fail. Nobody is an expert without practice.

You will get better over time. Just keep doing it.

4) Take on more passion projects

Now you have built some momentum. It is time to take on the audacious goals.

What is the business you have always dreamed of starting?

Now is the time.

This does not mean you need to quit your job.

It does mean you start building something new.

You can still have a safety net. You do not need to go ‘all in’.

You will enjoy it. It is your passion. So why would you not?

Do not worry if you are terrible. You will learn. But you have to put in the reps.

Now check if anyone cares.

Do you feel embarrassed?

Is your life ruined?

Does everyone think you are stupid?

The answer is no. And people that do think you are stupid have issues of their own.

Treat them with empathy.

You are now free from the loop. And doing things you are passionate about.

You can stop caring what other people think. And start building the life you want.

It is that simple.

There is no hack. Just 4 simple steps.

This is about changing perspective. Taking action. And seeing results.

You have the power to make this change.

You deserve to progress.

You will live up to your potential.

You owe it to yourself.

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