How to Build a Business You Love (3-Step Process)

how to build a business you love

How much educational content do you consume?

Probably too much. We all do.

Learning is great. Personal development is admirable.

But the advice you receive never works.

Because Alex Hormozi doesn’t know you.

His advice is solid. It works for him. But it doesn’t work for you.

Because you are unique. So he doesn’t know your:

  • Energy levels
  • Living situation
  • Time availability
  • Hopes and dreams
  • Budget constraints

And why would he? He’s never met you…

What he can do is give you advice through HIS worldview. It doesn’t apply directly to you.

But how do you build a business you love?

I’ll show you, in 3 steps:

1. Choose a niche you love

The traditional entrepreneur looks for a gap in the market.

A modern business owner monetises something they love.

This is the key to success. Because if you love the niche, you will:

  1. Learn 10x faster
  2. Do it for a lifetime
  3. Outwork everyone
  4. Be more obsessed
  5. Deliver better quality
  6. Never get burned out

Stop copying them. Start listening to yourself.

Choose a niche you love.

2. Choose a marketing channel you enjoy

Every influencer tells you how to market.

It’s a confusing place, because everyone says something different:

  • SEO is the best
  • Post content daily
  • Join a networking event
  • Send 100 cold DMs per day

But none of this is bad advice. All of these methods work.

But you have to choose one. Otherwise, you’ll get overwhelmed.

But how do you choose?

Simple. Choose the one that you enjoy.

Because you need to market your business for years. And doing stuff you hate is unsustainable.

If you love making videos, do YouTube.

If you love writing, build a newsletter.

The choice is yours. Choose an option, and do it consistently.

3. Stop watching. Start building.

Most people consume. But they should be creating.

Consuming educational content is a form of procrastination.

You can watch all you want. But learning happens by doing.

Start taking action. Make mistakes. Learn from them. Improve over time.

That’s how you win the game. That’s how you:

  • Build a business
  • Acquire new skills
  • Reach your life goals
  • Make sh*t loads of money

If you don’t start, you won’t succeed.

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