How to Stop Avoiding Difficult Tasks (Science-Backed)

My todo list used to be full of overdue tasks.

I find it hard to do stuff I don’t enjoy:

  • Taxes
  • Paperwork
  • Sales emails
  • Hard conversations

I used to avoid this work.

It would be on my todo list. But never get completed.

I constantly pushed it to the next day. And the next day.

But it never got done.

My business suffered as a result.

Because it’s the hard tasks that get the biggest results.

My mind also suffered. The crushing weight of outstanding tasks made me feel like crap.

I was frustrated with myself. I knew what to do. But I couldn’t do it.

Until I found the solution…

The science-backed method to get stuff done

It’s hard to get sh*t done when nobody cares.

No deadline. No partner. No boss. No goals.

Who’s counting on you to do anything?

This leads to despair. But it doesn’t need to be this way.

I discovered the pillars of a get sh*t done system:

  1. Strategic plan
  2. Clearly defined goals
  3. Tell someone what you’re doing
  4. Tell them how it went after it’s done

This results in a 78% increase in goal achievement:

What does being 78% more effective look like for you?

  • More money
  • Less work hours
  • Realising your dreams
  • Being physically & mentally rich

You can learn how I implemented this system by watching my video: How to Get Mentally Jacked

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