How to Get Clients from Social Media with Less Than 1,000 Followers

Here’s a secret for you:

→ Followers ain’t customers.

Shocking, right?!?!

We’ve all been told that ‘social media is a great place to find clients’.

So you create an account, start posting, and wait for the DMs to arrive.

But the only DM you get is “Hey…want to use my proven system to get clients?!”

(That’s spam by the way. Don’t fall for it).

Here’s the truth:

→ Social media CAN get you clients…but not without sales.

I know, I know. You’ve heard this from me before.

But this time is different (I promise).

A case study

My client has a high-ticket coaching business.

She’s successful on social media. Has over 25k followers on Instagram and over 70k on YouTube.

But her inbox isn’t flooded with DMs from adoring customers.

She needs to sell. Just like the rest of us.

Because her content SUPPORTS her sales process. So we are:

→ Posting 3 reels per week
→ Posting stories every day
→ Sending 25 cold DMs every day
→ Running a Facebook ads campaign

The results?

• 1-3 new clients per week

Think about the client journey

The people scrolling reels on the couch at 11pm ain’t ready to buy.

They’re zoned out. They’re looking for entertainment. Their credit card is in the other room.

But when they click your ad, they’re interested. Completely different.

Because here is the standard customer journey:

  1. Prospect sees your ad
  2. Prospect watches your content
  3. Prospect closes the app without buying
  4. Prospect is shown another ad
  5. Prospect hits learn more

It’s the paid and organic combo that gets results. That’s how you win on social.

What should you do

Stop posting and hoping.

Start using social media as part of a customer acquisition strategy.

You don’t need 10k followers to pull this off.

You just need:

  • 2 posts/week
  • Daily story posts
  • Ads or outreach campaign
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