Why Your Content isn’t Converting (and how to fix it)

Most business owners are told “posting content will grow your business”.

But how many people you know are getting sh*t loads of clients from Instagram?

Probably not many.

So why would it work for you? Well, the truth is it can.

But if you do what most people do, you’ll get the same results as them…zero clients.

I’m writing this post to save you from the misery. The frustration. The wasted time.

Here’s why your content isn’t converting – based on my experience onboarding 60+ clients in the last 18 months.

Post and pray doesn’t work

Here’s how most new service providers operate:

  1. Spend 2 hours per day making Instagram posts.
  2. Wait for clients to message them.
  3. No messages ever arrive.
  4. Get annoyed and quit.

Sound familiar?

You’re spending 10 hours per week on social media. It’s a waste of time.

But here’s what nobody tells you:

→ If you’re a small account, posting content doesn’t work.

Sure, you’ll get clients if you’ve got 100k followers. Those are the people telling you it works.

But for the other 99%, it ain’t gonna happen.

So how do you make content that actually converts…even if you have a small account?

Posting supports your sales process

Posting alone won’t get you clients.

Posting + Sales = Success.

Here’s how the customer journey works:

  1. You send sales message to a prospect
  2. Prospect sees your message a Googles you
  3. Prospect finds your Instagram and sees your posts
  4. Prospect now knows, likes and trusts you enough to buy

Your content verifies you as a real person. It displays your expertise.

But you need to realise the person doom scrolling Instagram reels at 11pm does not have their credit card in hand. They will not buy from you. Stop wasting your time.

How to make an effective sales + content strategy

Most people hate sales.

They’re sick of being cold DM’d. They don’t wanna bother people.

But that’s not the only way. You can:

  1. Do local SEO
  2. Do regular SEO
  3. Do paid social ads
  4. Do networking events
  5. Do a cold email campaign

This is where you will get results. Faster. Consistently. Reliably.

But they all involve getting out of your comfort zone.

You can’t decide which one to use anyway. So why bother starting? It’s overwhelming, right?

Well, they all work. But not for every business – or person.

You need to choose the right option for you. Objectively.

Click here and me the word GROW you’re ready to scale your business and stop wasting time on social.

If I think I can help, I will give you a free 30-minute consult on which method to choose – based on your unique skills/business/goals/budget.

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