How to Think of Content Ideas (Realistic Process)

how to think of content ideas

→ I post on LinkedIn every day.

→ I write this newsletter every week.

→ I TRY to post YouTube videos every week.

So inevitably, people always ask me:

→ “How do you think of content ideas?”

But my response always disappoints them.

Because I don’t have any ritual. I never do research. I don’t have a database.

Here’s how I do it:

  1. Sit down at the laptop.
  2. Write whatever’s on my mind.
  3. Post it without any deep thoughts.

Sounds simple. Because it is…

But here’s the reason it doesn’t work for you:

→ You’re overthinking.

You’ve got loads to say when speaking to friends and family. Why is posting content different?

It’s because you think too much:

  • Will they like it
  • Do I sound smart
  • What if it gets no likes

But it’s the overthinking that’s killing your profile.

Because it’s stopping you from posting. So you’re getting nothing done.

Here’s another surprise:

→ It takes me 10 minutes to write this newsletter.

No research. No effort. No stress.

Because I’m speaking from experience – and writing from the heart.

Think less. Post more.

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