5 Reasons Why Your Business is Not Making Sales (Fix This Now)

If you can’t make sales, I’ve got news for you:

  • You’re not unlucky
  • The economy is fine
  • The market is not saturated

It’s all your fault.

I know that sounds harsh. But it’s a good thing.

Because this means it’s within your control.

You can fix this problem, and start selling more stuff.

But first, you need to identify the problem. That’s why I’m writing this post.

Here are the 5 most common reasons you can’t make sales. Based on working with 180 business owners.

1. Terrible product

You can’t out-market a bad product. Even if you do, everyone will hate you.

Because if you sell people garbage, they will tell everyone you suck. That’s not good for business.

Most markets are competitive. If you’re not exceptional, why should someone choose you?

Before you start making social posts, think about:

  • Would I buy this product myself?
  • Do I offer more than my competitors?
  • Do I deliver more value than the price?

90% of service providers are terrible.

I’ve wasted money on marketing agencies and coaching. I’m sure you have too.

Don’t be one of those people.

When you have an exceptional product, it sells itself:

  • You will get referrals
  • People will see the value
  • You will sell with conviction

Instead of focusing on marketing, obsess over product.

Skip this step, and you’ll be poor forever.

2. Trying to pitch people

Everyone is sick of being sold a product.

They want to see value before they hand over their money. You ramming your service down their throat is not valuable.

Instead, showcase your expertise for free:

  • Write a newsletter
  • Create content on LinkedIn
  • Offer to help people for free
  • Give QUALITY free consultations

But this comes back to the quality of your product/service.

If you have genuine skill, you can showcase it. People will hand over money without you asking.

That’s modern marketing

3. Put yourself out there

Most business owners let fear ruin their business.

They’re scared of sales calls. They’re self-conscious about social posts. They’re nervous about networking events.

But nobody knows you exist if you don’t put yourself out there.

Get over yourself.

Do you want your fear of being disliked to kill your success?

Stop thinking. Start selling.

4. You’re not doing enough marketing

When I started my business, I did marketing for 8 hours per day – 6 days per week.

How much are you doing?

If you want customers, I guarantee you need to do more.

Do this every day and you will get customers:

  • Send 25 DMs
  • Send 50 emails
  • Make 50 sales calls
  • Comment on 20 posts

How far would your business go if you do all those things daily for a month?

Hard work gets results.

5. You’re selfish

Your business is to help people.

You provide a service to make other people’s lives better.

Stop thinking about yourself. Start thinking about them.

A friend came to me recently and said “I tried networking events but I got no referrals so it was a waste of time”.

I asked her: “How many referrals did you give to them?”

Her answer was: “None.”

If you don’t help them, why should they care about you?

Start helping:

  • Customers
  • Competitors
  • Local businesses
  • Friends and family

I guarantee you’ll get customers in return.

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